LG SuperSign Software

LG SuperSign Software offers comprehensive and indispensable technology solutions with the latest products and features tailored to your business needs. Find out more below.

Content Management System

  • SuperSign CMS

    An industry definitive, software-based content management solution
    . All-in-one solution for editing, scheduling, and distribution
    . Suitable for large-scale displays operation
    . Seamless management of different content for different displays

Control & Monitoring

  • SuperSign_Main_Thumbnail_02_Control-Control_Plus SuperSign_Main_Thumbnail_02_Control-Control_Plus

    SuperSign Control & Control+

    Remote control and monitoring software solution, Both Free and Advanced Versions, available
  • SuperSign_Main_Thumbnail_03_Signage-365-care SuperSign_Main_Thumbnail_03_Signage-365-care_t1

    Signage 365 Care

    Cloud based service featuring remote control and monitoring by LG service

White Balance Control

  • SuperSign WB

    White balance calibration software for video wall
    . Support for sensor calibration (basic) and DSLR calibration (optional)

Simple Editor & Others

  • SuperSign_Main_Thumbnail_05_LG-Simple-Editor SuperSign_Main_Thumbnail_05_LG-Simple-Editor_t1

    LG Simple Editor

    Content creating/distributing solution
    .Creation with embedded templates
    .Easy distribution via USB or Network
  • SuperSign_Main_Thumbnail_06_Media-Editor SuperSign_Main_Thumbnail_06_Media-Editor_t1

    SuperSign Media Editor

    Video content editing software
    .Specialized for video walls with irregular layouts and LG Unique Ratio models
  • SuperSign_Main_Thumbnail_07_Media-Studio SuperSign_Main_Thumbnail_07_Media-Studio_t1

    SuperSign Media Studio

    Video content encoder
    .Convert different format content to desired format
    .Easy content creation using various sources such as video and image.