LG Pra.L Dual Cleanser

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Dual Cleanser

Safe and soft cleansing with the dual-motion brush head for more youthful, glowing skin.
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Easily Interchangeable Brushes

Choose from two types of brushes according to the skin's needs.
Gentle Daily Cleansing with Silicone Brush1

Gentle Daily Cleansing with Silicone Brush

Gentle cleansing with an ultra-hygienic and safe* silicone brush, for softer and greater comfort on skin.
Deep Pore Cleansing with Fine Fiber Brush1

Deep Pore Cleansing with Fine Fiber Brush

Cleans and refines clogged pores to get rid of impurities.
Gentle yet effective.

*Verified for biological safety for contact with skin based on International Standard ISO10993.

Different Motions for Effective Cleansing1

Different Motions for Effective Cleansing

Two different motions are automatically activated by your brush choice. The rotation of the fine fiber brush and the micro vibration of the silicone brush cleanse the skin in effective ways.

*This device is intended to be used on the face. It is not a medical device and it does not offer any medical effects.

Adjustable Cleansing Level1

Adjustable Cleansing Level

2 levels of cleansing to suit different skin conditions and

- Level 1: For sensitive skin or when cleaning light makeup.
- Level 2: For cleaning heavy makeup or severe fine dust.
Smoother Skin in One Day1

Smoother Skin in One Day

Experience an immediate change in skin condition with reduced blackheads, dead skin, and pores.

*Used together with cleansing form / Feb 11, 2019 - Feb 14, 2019 / 21 Korean female adults / P&K Skin Clinical Research Center Co., Ltd.
*Results may vary according to personal skin characteristics or skincare products used together.

Completely Waterproof1

Completely Waterproof

Conveniently use in the shower or clean under running water with IPX7 waterproofing.
UV Light for Hygiene1

UV Light for Hygiene

The UV lamp in the Dual Cleanser cradle manages hygiene by keeping your brushes clean for each use.

*Use dry towel to drain and quickly dry the brush after use.

Long Battery Life1

Long Battery Life

Dual Cleanser can be used for about one month on a single charge, so you can use it every day or even while travelling.

*Battery duration: about 60 minutes, based on the fine fiber brush (70 seconds mode).

Helpful Voice Assistance1

Helpful Voice Assistance

A voice guide makes it easy for first-time users to follow the skincare steps for each facial area such as forehead, nose, jaw, left cheek, and right cheek.

*Language setting: to change language, hold the power button and level button simultaneously while the device is on.
Language will be changed in the following order: English → Chinese → Korean
*To turn off the voice assistance or switch to the sound effect mode, hold the power button when the device is on.

Learn How to Use the Device with Video

*If you have allergic skin, are undergoing skin related treatment or are in a recovery period after a surgery, we recommend using the product after consulting with your dermatologist.
*Pregnant or breast-feeding women are not recommended to use this device.

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All specs



White (Button & deco: Gold)

Dimension (W x H x D)

57mm x174mm x 51mm

Net Weight




Gentle or Deep Cleansing (based on brush type)

Cleansing Operation Time


Selectable Rotation speed

2 level
Level 1: 160 oscillation/min
Level 2: 265 oscillation/min


2 level
Level 1: 8500 times/min
Level 2: 10,200 times/min


Voice Assistance Languages

English, Chinese, Korean

Sound Guide

Voice, Beep, Mute

LED Indicator



Power On/Off, Mode

Water Proof

IPX7 (Cleansing device)

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Front view of LG Pra.L Dual Cleanser in white, BCL 1


LG Pra.L Dual Cleanser