When it comes to choosing a washing machine, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. This difficult job can sometimes seem impossible when faced with endless possibilities and seemingly interchangeable specs.

We all have different needs and specifications – think size, efficiency, speed, capacity, durability and more. Our range of LG washing machines takes each of these requirements into account to create the perfect unit for you. Families can choose from larger devices, while others can look towards something a little more compact. When it comes to deciding which is a good washing machine for your needs, we’ve compiled a washing machine guide to our best styles on the market, so that you can choose exactly the right design for your lifestyle.

LG TurboWash 360 washing machine

What makes it special: Kind to the environment, upgraded capacity and functional, intelligent wash cycles.

Best for

Those looking for the most efficient wash in the quickest time.


The TurboWash™ 360 washing machine is a smart, fast and efficient washing machine. With TurboWash technology, you can complete a full cycle in only 39 minutes and with 39% less energy than a conventional TurboWash cycle.1 The 360 motion means that water is sprayed from four directions, offering even distribution for thorough cleaning. This washing machine is ideal for families or larger households, with 1.5 kg of additional capacity thanks to a larger internal drum. With reduced noise and vibration, you can put on a load at any time of the day or night. 

The TurboWash™ 360 is fitted with the new generation Direct Drive Motor, which uses AI technology to optimise washing cycles based on fabric type and volume. Thanks to data extracted from 2000 different washing patterns, the intuitive motors can detect whether a garment needs to be washed on a delicate cycle, or requires a more powerful clean. This not only increases performance but also extends the life of your garments. 

The TrueSteam™ feature is an excellent way to rid clothes of wrinkles and allergens. This results in fewer creases to reduce the amount of time you spend at the ironing board, and a 99.9% reduction in allergens.

LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine

What makes it special: Stunning design and intelligent innovation

Best for

Those who desire the most beautiful things in life.


Stylish, smart and sophisticated – this multi-award-winning unit can do it all. The LG SIGNATURE Washing Machine combines elegance, innovation and size for ultimate proficiency. With tempered glass doors, an enamel coating and unique LCD display, this is a premium washing machine for the most discerning of homes. 

Scratch-proof, corrosion resistant and easy to clean, the LG SIGNATURE is also low-maintenance, with an auto-dosing system that calculates how much detergent and softener you’ll need for your load, and distributes accordingly. With LG ThinQ™ technology, you can even operate the washing machine while you’re out of the house to track your cycle and receive notifications when the detergent tank is empty. 

Thanks to the TwinWash™ design, you can choose between the Main Washer and the Mini Washer, each with its own convenient control display. Wash two loads simultaneously, separating clothes by colour or material, or simply use the Mini for a smaller load to save energy.

The LG SIGNATURE is the perfect option for those who are looking for a sleek, timeless design without negotiating on power.

LG Washing Machine with TrueSteam™

What makes it special: Reduces wrinkles and accelerates cleaning power

Best for

Those with busy or demanding lifestyles.


All those who look at their ironing pile in despair will welcome the TrueSteam™ 10 kg washing machine with open arms. Thanks to TurboWash™ technology, your regular wash cycle can be completed in just 59 minutes, with a 6 Motion Direct Drive that uses a multistep system to clean, tumble and scrub your garments depending on their fabric and weight.  

The 3 in 1 TrueSteam™ technology removes 99.9% of allergens, making it perfect for baby clothes or sportswear. The SteamSoftener option uses heat and steam to unstiffen your clothes without the use of fabric conditioners or chemicals, which is great for people with skin sensitivities or allergies.  

We understand that it’s difficult to find the time to regularly visit the dry cleaners, which is why we created our Steam Refresh option to freshen your clothes and eradicate wrinkles in just 20 minutes

Discover the power of steam cleaning to protect against allergens and extend the lifecycle of your clothes, resulting in cleaner, softer, less creased clothing in under an hour.

And the TrueSteam™ Washing Machine has an accolade to prove its reliability and performance, achieving a record-breaking 89% and being hailed as the ‘best washing machine ever tested’ by highly respected reviewers ‘Which?’. Features like cotton wash, spin dry, and rinsing efficiency all received five stars. So it’s definitely a machine you can trust to take good care of your favourite clothes.

LG Washing Machine with TurboWash

What makes it special: Quick and efficient cleaning

Best for

Those who are short on time.

An LG washing machine with TurboWash using 6 Motion Direct Drive technology.
An LG washing machine with TurboWash using 6 Motion Direct Drive technology.

Always on the go? Save time and energy with the LG TurboWash™ washing machine. With 6 Motion Direct Drive technology, this energy-efficient washing machine has a powerful cleaning system and an innovative drum to clean clothes faster and more effectively than ever before. A quick wash can often mean less cleaning or require a hotter temperature, but the TurboWash™ action leaves garments just as clean as a longer cycle… and with less energy too

For consistently clean washing in a fraction of the time, the TurboWash™ will never slow you down.

Bonus: LG Styler

What makes it special: Steam cleaning at home

Best for

Those who want to cut down on their dry cleaning.


Fed up of going to the dry-cleaners? Need that extra guarantee after using TrueSteam that your clothes are ready to face the day/night? 

Bring the extra power of steam to your home with the LG Styler. An essential item for any laundry room, the Styler comes in a white, mirror or espresso finish complementing the design of your home. 

The TrueSteam™ technology eliminates odors (such as smoke, sweat and cooking smells) from all fabrics, including knitwear and delicates. In conjunction with the moving interior hangers, TrueSteam™ dramatically reduces wrinkles and creases, enabling you to refresh-and-go. With an integrated trouser-press, drying system and anti-allergen ‘Sanitary’ cycle, the Styler a must-have for those who spend far too much time (and money) at the dry cleaners.

Thanks to LG ThinQ™, this WiFi-enabled device allows you to set cycle alerts, monitor energy usage and turn on a new load at the touch of your Smartphone – no matter where you are. For hygienically cleaned clothes with professional care, upgrade your laundry room with an LG Styler.

Whether you’re looking for the best-in-tech or something to serve the entire family, our LG washing machines speak for themselves. With a device and price-point for every household, we pride ourselves on the energy-efficiency of our washing machines to provide the most cleaning power in the least time.

Which LG washing machine will you choose?

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1 The TurboWash cycle on the Washing Machine uses 0.328kwh, compared to a cotton cycle at 0.724 kwh. The cotton cycle is at 40°c, half load (5kg). Performance verified by Intertek.

2 Tested in LG Lab; Based on cotton cycle/40°c/1400rpm comparison between ‘with TurboWash’ and ‘without TurboWash’ (half load)

3 LG TurboWash 360 Washing Machine, TurboWash 360, IntelloDD, TwinWash, TrueSteam, Steam Refresh and LG Styler are trademarks of LG Electronics, used under license.