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Don't Let Humidity Stifle Your Air

LG Dehumidifier

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The Perfect Condition in Any Condition

Breathe easy even when humidity fluctuates. The Humidity Auto Control constantly adjusts to keep the perfect non-humid conditions for your room. It even auto restarts after a power outage.

Everyday Ease

Clean the air and keep it clean with no effort. Maintenance is a no fuss affair with features like the Easy Water Bucket, Continuous Drain Option, simple display, and four rolling wheels.

Safe by Design

The LG Dehumidifier was designed so you never have to worry about humidity or safety. It's built with thermal resistant parts, housed in a metal body case, and automatically shuts off after 23 hours of operation to prevent overheating.

Warranty / Certifications


1 Year Limited
In-Home Service Warranty

Warranty / Certifications

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