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Basic Phones

With devices that match every need, these LG phones are easy to bring on the go and come with readout features that make life easier.

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Average Rating for Cell Phones

  1. 2 weeks ago
    I'm 66 and have kept up on newest cell phones since the beginning of cell phones. This cell phone is very user friendly and I like the detailed features in the menu from Sound to Screen. First LG phone, Have had in our family mainly HTC and Samsung prior. Sprint also, gave a great deal on my first leasing of phones.
  2. 1 month ago
    Excellent phone, full stop.
    I had the LG G6 before the LG G8. I didn't want to spend a lot of money a phone, but I was sure that I wanted a LG phone. I paid more than I budgeted, but it's worth the sacrifice. I watched several reviews about the LG G8 and few were average or negative. I can honestly say that this is the best smartphone experience that I have had. My friend has the latest Samsung and everyday he begs me to trade, the other with the latest iPhone has to admit that the features on the LG G8 are ... read more practical. I would not trade my LG for any other brand.
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  3. 2 months ago
    Nice featured phone
    Considered Samsung S10 but after a lot of reviewing, decided on the G8. I prefer its feature set over Samsung. Several understated, useful features without all of the unnecessary eye candy. Only had the phone for a couple of days but so far, I'm glad I went with the G8. My wife and son went with Samsung. I believe I got the better phone. I do wish they kept the power button on back like the V30 but I'm getting used to it on the side.
  1. 3 weeks ago
    Perfect screen size, fast, good battery life.
    I like the LG g7 thinq so much that I also got a LG g8 thinq. I figured if this phone is this good then the other model would be great also. I get a good 5 to 6 hours of screen on time, my phone comes off the charger at 6am and by the time I go to bed at 10pm with 5 hours of screen on time I still have 30 or so percent battery. The reason I got this and my other is because I had a Google pixel 2xl which I really liked except for no headphone jack and no micro SD support. Since the pixel 2xl ... read more is made by LG I figured that the g7 would be a great phone also. The camera is great and the sound quality you can't beat.
  2. 1 month ago
    Great So Far!
    I've only had my G7 for a couple weeks but so far everything has worked flawless. I previously had a LG G5 and really liked that phone. The G5 did have some problems finding a GPS signal which that phone was known to have and the volume down button had quit working after a couple years use (hoping this G7 won't have any of those problems. Battery life has been about what I expected and screen clarity is excellent. Camera is great and love the home button on the back of the phone. I've so far had ... read more Motorola, Samsung, and LG smartphones and have liked the LG phones the best, hands down. ,
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  3. 3 months ago
    In love with my new G7ThinQ
    I was having a bad day thanks to my last phone crapping out on me and missing my appointment bc I my phone had all my information on how to get there and etc. So I went to get another phone. And an employee of Verizon suggested this phone to me bc of all the problems I had with my last phone. And ensured me this is still a new phone with many features in used to and more plus the 2 year promise. I was SOLD! I keep my phones for a long time and take care of them so when something like the phone ... read more wont stay on for no reason or something out of my control happening to my phone that has nothing to do with me damaging my phone. Its vey frustrating. So I'm very excited for the 2 year promise. And looking forward to my new phone and it's fantastic features like Google assistance. Very helpful I might add! And not to mention a wonderful Affordable PRICE!!! LG your my saviour and I thank you very much!!!
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  1. 5 years ago
    More intuitive than others
    The "deal" was a driving force for this phone. The offer included an LG tablet that is very good and I was in the market for a phone and tablet, sooooo! But the phone had all the features and seemed like a good upgrade. The problem with all the new tech. is that you are well beyond the return time before you really get to know it. I would have kept this one anyway. The phone is attractive, clear, bright and works. It works very well. Volume is good, screen is excellent and the battery life seems ... read more adequate. Better yet, the battery can be replaced by me and not require an exchange to replace the battery. I do wish that it would be easier to get more "inside" information regarding features, Verizon couldn't answer and I don't have the time to go through the website to get answers. I will, but for now I am very pleased with my decision. Thanks Verizon/LG, the tempting offer led me to a good decision.
  2. 5 years ago
    Decent phone
    I love this phone. I had it for 5 days and it fell. Shattering the "Gorilla Glass" not so gorilla ish. no one can tell me if there is a manufacturer warranty on this item. I bought it with the concept that the sales pitch said it was tough. The phone itself however is fabulous. I called LG they will allow me to send it in for an assessment and a price quote,
  3. 4 years ago
    LG G3, unreal performance, excellent design
    PLEASE don't stop making phones like this. LG got this perfect. Large crystal clear screen, amazing battery life, SD card slot, very very fast download speeds. Dear LG, please DO NOT make the same mistake as the rest, KEEP the SD card slot and leave the battery removable, it's what the people want. Thanks for a fantastic phone
  1. 1 month ago
    Nice Phone
    I like this phone. It feels solid and looks premium. It doesn't freeze up and the battery last a decent amount of time. I have had the phone for under 60 days and I'm getting a constant notification saying "moisture was detected in the charging port" and it will not charge at all. The phone hasn't been near water, and I don't even take it in the bathroom while I shower because of the moisture in there. I tried to find a fix, and from what all I've read so far this is a very common problem with ... read more the LG G6 and other LG phones. This is very upsetting. I wasn't going to ever buy an LG phone because of issues I've had with the Stylo 2 and 3, but I wanted to give them another shot and I felt like since it was a premium phone I wouldn't have any issues like I did with the Stylo's. If I have to send the phone in before I have had it for three months, I'm going to be angry...and it will certainly stop me from purchasing another LG product again. Don't let me down LG.
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  2. 1 month ago
    Amazing Phone -- Fabulous Price!
    This is by far the fastest, most high tech phone Boost Mobile offers! I'm truly impressed with it's long lasting battery life and I LOVE the "Fast Charge" charger that is included. I will be a lifetime LG Customer after this!
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  3. 3 weeks ago
    Sleek and stylish
    The phone was simple and easy to adapt to. With my other phone is took me a couple of weeks to become comfortable with the new features. This phone was so easy, much like my old phone only quicker. The picture quality is amazing. I would highly recommend this phone for price and style.
  1. 1 year ago
    Perfect phone perfect
    I have always been a great fan of LG phones. I sincerely feel LG is the only company which isn't afraid of innovation.I always like LG phones for how optimized their skin is. I have had used samsung phones (S7,S5 etc) but I think LG phones are snappier, and have much better battery life.This phone checks all the required featues of a flagship in 2017 and hifi dac is like icing on the cake. Come on people give LG its due credit. Thanks LG for always trying out and creating some best android phones
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  2. 2 years ago
    Four stars for a three star phone
    Why? Because there are some of us who are not interested in taking their phone into a swimming pool, but care a great deal about being forced into a new product purchase because we've evidently arrived at the point where the utility of most smart phones bizarrely comes down to the remaining capacity of the sealed-in battery. Once it became clear that this phone was probably one of the last to feature a replaceable battery (the follow-up V30 model follows the popular trend, for example), the ... read more purchase became a no-brainer. The three star rating is due in large part to the mono speaker, which is rather inadequate for a flagship model. The additional star is in recognition of the possibility that this may have been a design constraint imposed by the replaceable battery.
  3. 2 weeks ago
    An Ace Smartphone, A Legend Even!
    Have had my LG V20 for over two years and it's never given me a problem. The headphone, jack, swappable battery, Hi-Fi sound, three microphones and 4 gb RAM all make this a phone that can still hold its own in 2019. LG needs to keep the swappable battery alive in their top tier phones - if they can, it will be a sales winner!
  1. 6 months ago
    I love LG
    I saw that Spectrum mobile had a really good calling plan but I could not bring my own phone. I decided to try this one since I have always had good luck with LG. This phone is easy to use and does pretty much anything you would need it to do. I am so happy I made the switch. Note: The lower rating on the camera is because ALL phones have sub-par cameras. I still use a Canon digital camera for my "serious" picture taking needs.
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  2. 8 months ago
    I love this phone it's awesome I just wish that we could make our ringtones from Spotify or videos or record something but I love this phone so much I dropped it in the sink while it was full and I was washing my hair it didn't break I don't know if it is waterproof but I love it and I would like to know if they are also I wish they came in white or silver
  3. 3 months ago
    Big Improvement
    Big improvement from previous mini smart phone. Great for social media.
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  1. 3 months ago
    Gorgeous phone, lots of customization.
    I've had this phone for about two months after I upgraded from another LG phone. LG's flagship phones are absolutely fantastic. I thoroughly would recommend LG phones over pretty much everything. The display is gorgeous, and the fact you can scale the resolution up or down to your liking is awesome. The amount of customization on this phone is great. I'm able to customize pretty much everything I want on this little guy. Overall, I would highly recommend anyone buy this phone, and if not ... read more this phone, another LG phone. I'm an LGhead for life!
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  2. 1 week ago
    Feature rich phone at an affordable price
    This phone has every option available on the market today including some that aren't. This phone has expandable storage, and head phone Jack with good quad dac, ip68 water resistance, and a wide angle camera on the front and back of the phone, and wirless charging. All of these which other phones consider to be extras, lg puts all of these into there phones which keeps me coming back time and time again.
  3. 2 months ago
    Awesome phone and all fast and some sweet features
    hands down one of the coolest phones I've ever owned extremely fast not too bulky and the sound is absolutely off the charts there's a mini boom box inside which is good quality for amplifying your speaker phone conversations. On top of that my LG phone can control all of my appliances and new LG 55" TV. I would highly recommend this phone due to the amount of storage space that it already comes through equipped with as well as memory space end the quality of camera video recording in ultra high-def
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  1. 1 month ago
    Great phone at an amazing price
    I got the lg v35 to switch from my moto g5 plus. What you get for the price of $350 is amazing. The size is perfect for me. The resolution is also great. The ai features such as the camera and capture+ round out this phone as an almost perfect phone. If there was a speaker on the top of the phone, I'd say this phone would be prefect.
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  2. 3 weeks ago
    Easy transition between models
    My first LG had a severe accident and died. I had liked the ease of finding things on it and wanted something I would not have a big learning curve. Except for contacts and the reloading of my personal apps, the transition has been very easy. I like some of the newer features like time and date showing all the time. I like the fingerprint log in. I never locked my old phone so this one is more secure in that way. And have finally learned how to get music on it. For an older person who is ... read more technically challenged, it is an easier smart phone to adapt to.
  3. 5 days ago
    Great phone!
    Just got phone. Replaced a previous Lg phone. Do far really happy with the phone!
  1. 4 years ago
    Great phone
    This phone is an excellent product with many helpful and useful features. I use my phone mainly for making and receiving calls not for texting or internet though this one has both features available and have found this to be great for my uses and simple to use.
  2. 2 years ago
    New stylo is great
    Because of an accident I had to replace my original lg stylo. I decided to get the latest version lg stylo 3 plus. Using lg backup I brought my new phone on line in a matter of moments. This was the easiest phone teansfer I've ever done and my new Lg Stylo 3 plus is faster and more usedul than the original evwr thought of being.
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  3. 2 years ago
    longest lasting phone I have every had
    I do irrigation repair and get wet and muddy from head to toe. Never had a phone that lasted over 3 months until I got one of these. Lasted 2 years. Shortest time one lasted was 1 year. I left it in my pants and washed them both. Screen doesn't work any more so I am looking for another one.
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