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Basic Phones

With devices that match every need, these LG phones are easy to bring on the go and come with readout features that make life easier.

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  1. 2 weeks ago
    so so phone
    I have had my phone now for a few months, never had an LG before so this phone was told to me it has a longer battery life which it does, so I do like that. But the fact is everytime I go to use it I have to tap it each time it won't stay on. I don't know if it is to do that or if that a flaw with the phone. So would I recommend this phone not sure.!!
  2. 2 months ago
    Great deal for the price
    This phone was recommended by my mobile provider as a fair priced option with the features I need in a phone. The 6.2 inch screen is awesome however I personally would like the phone to be a little wider. The features are more than adequate for daily use and the sound quality is exceptional. The only thing that I can't get used to is the many sounds it makes for no apparent reason, All in all a very good phone at a very good peice
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  3. 9 months ago
    Excellent Phone
    Transfers Apps to SD without an issue. ( As long as the app creator allows this option) I have had no overheating or Battery issues. The Oreo OS is way better than the others. No freezing, buffering, overheating ETC. Phone is very smooth running and charges fast. Love the large display as well! Love all the camera features and the GIF maker. I have owned every LG STYLO and this is by far my favourite. I purchased two more of these phones for my kids. Only difference from our phones and the one ... read more on this site is ours is a virgin mobile. Also the phone cases for this phone are awesome. Although this doesn't matter I love that you can find the big 3d phone cases for these. I had a lot of trouble finding them for my past LG stylo's.
  1. 8 months ago
    I had this phone for about 6 months, and i have to say, it is surprisingly good. First off, the battery life is AMAZING. I use my phones for around like 3 or 4 hours a day, and only really had to charge this thing once every 2 or 3 days. The screen was also GINORMOUS, at least to what i am used to. The screen is only 720p though, which i do feel was lackluster. The phone somehow though managed to avoid that staircase effect. The camera is not the best, but has lots of custimization and decent ... read more quality on front and back. It feels nice in your hand and has a nice design. I rate 4/5. The phone is not super advanced, but it isnt meant to be. It isnt snappy but isnt laggy, and the resolution is a bit of a draw back, but it is not really meant to be an advanced phone. This phone just gets the job done.
  2. 1 year ago
    Screen goes black and only shows the time. Why dose this happen? How can i avoid it?
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  3. 1 year ago
    Great smart phone for people who don't want to spend a lot of money. Plenty of features, steal frame,great camera, front and back, long battery life and easy to use. I've learned if you don't need the features that a certain phones provide for a lot of money why buy it? I wouldn't spend the money for an I Phone just to say I have an I Phone if my life depended on it. Some phones are made for business men/women. I just wanna talk, take pics, surf the web and occasionally stream videos. ... read more This phone does all that and more! BUY IT!
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  1. 1 year ago
    Flagship features at an affordable price!
    I have been using this phone over a month. Previously had a LG V10 which was a top end phone at the time. I decided on LG again and am not disappointed. The phone is sturdy and is fast enough for what I need it for...calling, texting, browsing the web, and navigation (sometimes all at once)! And go to your cell phone service provider and check out the price!
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  2. 12 months ago
    Nice sharp imagines
    This is my very first smartphone so I have nothing to compare it to. I have it just a little over 2 weeks and am still getting use to it. I buy nothing but LG phones like my fliptops before this the voice is loud and clear. I am hearing impaired and having no trouble hearing on this phone. Plenty of volume, the ring tones are good as well. The picture quality is excellent as is the size of the picture. I purchased this particular phone for it was a good price and got very good reviews. I am ... read more quite happy I did.
  3. 1 year ago
    Best Phone So Far
    I looked at other more expensive phones and chose the LG K20 V because it was so affordable ($168). You can also replace the battery and add SD Cards. I purchased a 2nd Car/Home Charger ($8), a good quality case ($8), a 128gb SD card ($44) and a new launcher app ($5) that makes the phone look and function like a super star. I got all that for under $234! I almost bought a $850 phone with less memory, no way to add memory and a non-replaceable battery! I keep my phones for years and really want ... read more to be able to put in a new battery when they fail to hold a charge. The phone was super easy to setup.
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  1. 6 years ago
    Great Value and functionality
    I like the product very much. occasionally the screen does not respond when you swipe it.
  2. 6 years ago
    Best phone I have had in my entire life
    This phone is beyond excellence because the feature it comes with as Back up, o.m.g. I love it. since I have this phone my life change for good, it's so cheap on the market, useful in school task, and best, is so small that I can cheat on any test at school, is a joke. but seriously, LG I like all your products, when I was 8, I remembered my first lg flip phone. So good in that moment, but now I'm looking to pass this great phone to my brother and buy the lg nexus 4. Guys, God blesses your hands. **********
  3. 5 years ago
    A very good phone
    I love this phone and I use it a lot. The camera is fantastic, and it runs most apps. The screen is average size, but clear. My only complaint about this phone is that when I originally bought it I was told there would be an upgrade in the OS to Jelly Bean from Ice Cream Sandwich. That's about it.
  1. 1 year ago
    Perfect phone perfect
    I have always been a great fan of LG phones. I sincerely feel LG is the only company which isn't afraid of innovation.I always like LG phones for how optimized their skin is. I have had used samsung phones (S7,S5 etc) but I think LG phones are snappier, and have much better battery life.This phone checks all the required featues of a flagship in 2017 and hifi dac is like icing on the cake. Come on people give LG its due credit. Thanks LG for always trying out and creating some best android phones
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  2. 1 year ago
    LG V20: The Legacy Continues
    Having enjoyed several previous LG phones, the Leon and G4, the v20 was my next purchase. For over a year now, this Swiss Army knife of a phone has been my constant companion and daily driver. I use this phone for fun and function: placing calls hands free, texting, sending emails, accessing work website, using Google Maps to avoid the parking lots the roadways in this area can quickly turn into, streaming music when the local radio offerings are poor, and capturing memories with fantastic ... read more camera array. You can't find a more feature packed phone for the price.
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  3. 12 months ago
    Awesome Phone
    I recieved this phone from Asurion as a replacement for my old V10 that I was having issues with. This phone is incredible. Very easy to set up and us, and was is amazing is how fast the battery charges. There are a lot of nice features on this phone, and what I most like us it is not filled with boatware, and apps that are not used or unnecessary. I would highly recommend this phone to anyone that wants a phone that can do everything, and yet be personalized to your liking. Thanks LG for making ... read more a great product.
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  1. 3 months ago
    Nice, decent phone.
    I like this phone quite a lot, it's a decent upgrade from my previous OnePlus 2. The only thing I wish LG would have done is to add at least 6 GB of RAM, but that's not really a huge issue at all, the phone is snappy, and overall has great performance. However having 6 GB of RAM would have helped the phone be a bit more "future proof". One other thing is there is far too much bloat on this phone app wise, which should be optional in my personal opinion. The speaker which is mono and in a spot ... read more that easily cover by your hand is alright sounding but is slightly on the quiet side and gets covered by the hand far too easily which can be a bit annoying. Other than that, this phone is great, I'm impressed
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  2. 1 week ago
    Amazing features and easy to handle!!
    I bought this phone from my future mother-in-law when she upgraded her phone to the V40 & I do not regret a thing about buying it from her!! It's just the right size to fit in one hand easily while the other can hold the stylus*/finger for swiping and looking through any one of the various apps you can download on here without worry of taking up too much memory space. Adding a 200Gb micro SD card definitely boosted my phones speed and ability to play movies, listen to music and upload web ... read more pages/apps seamlessly (wish I could say the same for my home internet!! lol) * - Watch which type you use; certain styles of stylus and the screen protectors don't always agree. That's a rule for any smartphone/tablet/touchscreen laptop, really.
  3. 2 months ago
    Feature packed!!!
    I bought this phone on a super open box sale and it was worth every penny. I love all the features it comes with. The quad DAC, wireless charging, fantastic battery life, usb type-c charging. This phone is just about perfect. It looks great and handles well with all my apps and games. It is a bit low on the ram, only 4 gigs, it isn't too much of an issue yet. It takes awesome pics and video. There is a lot of custom cases to choose from to fit your personality. Overall a great phone.
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  1. 3 months ago
    Easy to operate.
    I purchased this LG phone about a mpnt ago. It is my 2nd LG phone. I like how easy it is ro navigate. I was surprised to see how long the battery lasted. By the end of the day i am still at about 50 to 60 percent vs 25 percent. And the camera take great pics! The response time when I execute something is pretty quick. I love all the features and am still learning. I also have seen some of their TVs which have a very sharp pic and great color. I will enjoy checking them out. Thank you LG
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  2. 4 months ago
    come a looong way LG!
    My wife and I, up untill about a year ago have purchased and used LG phones exclusively. I started with the G3, Wich up untill I experienced the G6 was the best cell phone I had used. Gone are the days of routinely using cell phone and it just bricks on you for no reason, wife's G4. Gone are the days of sitting on hold for countless hours just to be sent another defective device, my G5! with my LG G6 there are no worries. The phone is well built the OS is robust. There is no lag no hic-ups. The ... read more display is gorgeous, and the cameras take professional photos that amaze my friends and family. In short, I'm glad I gave LG one last chance. I did not want to be just another in a herd of Samsung sheep. Thank you LG for restoring my faith and putting out such a fantastic product..it was worth the wait! Sincerely... Jeff G
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  3. 3 weeks ago
    Amazing Phone -- Fabulous Price!
    This is by far the fastest, most high tech phone Boost Mobile offers! I'm truly impressed with it's long lasting battery life and I LOVE the "Fast Charge" charger that is included. I will be a lifetime LG Customer after this!
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  1. 1 month ago
    Great So Far!
    I've only had my G7 for a couple weeks but so far everything has worked flawless. I previously had a LG G5 and really liked that phone. The G5 did have some problems finding a GPS signal which that phone was known to have and the volume down button had quit working after a couple years use (hoping this G7 won't have any of those problems. Battery life has been about what I expected and screen clarity is excellent. Camera is great and love the home button on the back of the phone. I've so far had ... read more Motorola, Samsung, and LG smartphones and have liked the LG phones the best, hands down. ,
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  2. 6 days ago
    Back to Happy!
    Several years ago I owned a LG 4 and loved it. When it came time to upgrade, my wife and two kids decided to go with Samsung phones. I ended up with a Galaxy S8+. While the phone was reliable, there were little things that were different from what I was used to with the LG 4. All was well until we were able to pay off the phone, after 2 years of monthly payments... All of a sudden, the phone wouldn't accept a charge and finally decided it was completely dead. I was totally unable to retrieve ... read more ANY data off of it. MY GALAXY S8+ WAS A BRICK!! It was time to go back to happy so I bought the LG G7 ThinQ and couldn't be happier!! It's been a week and boy, things are peachy now. It's taking a little getting used to (going back to an LG phone) but I AM HAPPY! Thank you! Tom WC
  3. 2 weeks ago
    Perfect screen size, fast, good battery life.
    I like the LG g7 thinq so much that I also got a LG g8 thinq. I figured if this phone is this good then the other model would be great also. I get a good 5 to 6 hours of screen on time, my phone comes off the charger at 6am and by the time I go to bed at 10pm with 5 hours of screen on time I still have 30 or so percent battery. The reason I got this and my other is because I had a Google pixel 2xl which I really liked except for no headphone jack and no micro SD support. Since the pixel 2xl ... read more is made by LG I figured that the g7 would be a great phone also. The camera is great and the sound quality you can't beat.
  1. 3 weeks ago
    it is an amazing phone I love it so much
    I love this one is so amazing I've had it for about a couple months right now I will have never tried dropping in water but just like a bit so I got to warn you about this is just an amazing for a little too much...
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  2. 8 months ago
    I love this phone it's awesome I just wish that we could make our ringtones from Spotify or videos or record something but I love this phone so much I dropped it in the sink while it was full and I was washing my hair it didn't break I don't know if it is waterproof but I love it and I would like to know if they are also I wish they came in white or silver
  3. 7 months ago
    Awesome Affordable and Amazing
    I have had this phone for around 4 months and love it! For an affordable phone I would recommend the K 30 to anyone. It's fast, it works great, and its a great size. I LOVE THIS PHONE!!
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