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LG Craft Ice Refrigerators

Keep things cool with Craft Ice™

From lemonade to cocktails and more, be a baller with LG’s exclusive slow-melting round ice.

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Take home entertaining to the next level. LG Craft Ice™ dual ice maker refrigerators create ice spheres, as well as standard ice cubes and crushed ice – so you can serve drinks your way.

Perfect Ice for Next Level Entertaining

LG InstaView™ Door-in-Door® refrigerators with dual ice makers, dispensed from the door and located in the freezer compartment, automatically produce clear ice so you'll never run out. They create standard ice cubes, crushed ice and LG's exclusive round Craft Ice™ – crafted to melt slower, chill more efficiently, and help beverages taste their best for longer. From craft cocktails and whiskey to soft drinks, lemonade, even iced coffee, LG InstaViewTM refrigerators with Craft Ice™ give your beverages the perfect ice.

In addition, our dual ice maker refrigerators offer a wide range of available features, including:

InstaView™ Technology: With the power of LG InstaView refrigerators, you can see inside without opening the door. Just knock twice on your refrigerator's unique glass panel and you can choose your snack, beverage or check your inventory without letting the cold air out.Door-in-Door® Design: LG Craft Ice™ refrigerators offer a Door-in-Door® design that gives you quick, easy access to the things you use most. By storing everything in a convenient, adjustable bin, they make it easy to create a grab-and-go section that won't require opening the entire fridge.

Dual Ice Makers with Integrated Sphere Ice Molds: With two ice makers – both with in-door dispensers – LG InstaView™ refrigerators with Craft Ice™ creates ice balls, as well as standard ice cubes and crushed ice. This way, whether you're hosting a cocktail party, serving lemonade on a hot summer day, sipping iced coffee or giving your kids their favorite juice, you can serve it with slow-melting ice globes or ice in their favorite shape.

Tall Ice & Water Dispensers: Along with our ice sphere maker, LG refrigerators with Craft Ice™ makers also feature tall ice and water dispensers that can accommodate glasses and bottles in virtually any size. And with our Measured Fill feature, you can dispense filtered water in exactly 4, 8, 16 or 32 ounces. This way, with just the touch of a button, you can fill a pitcher (or a glass) with fresh water, get the perfect amount of crushed ice, or dispense just one whiskey ice ball for a cocktail.

Advanced Cooling: CoolGuard™ stainless steel panels not only give our innovative LG ice maker refrigerators even greater power to maintain cold air, but give them a premium look, too. In addition, they come with Linear Cooling, which keeps temperatures within 1°F of the setting, Smart Cooling sensors and vents for total cooling control, and Door Cooling+, which delivers blasts of cool air to all areas of the refrigerator, so your favorite foods and drinks will always be stored at just the right temperature.

Elevate your kitchen, your cocktails – and all your favorite beverages – with the LG InstaView™ Door-in-Door® with Craft Ice™ refrigerator. Featuring an integrated ice ball maker, as well as the power to make crushed or cubed ice any time, you can serve your guests (and your family) perfectly chilled drinks just the way they like them. Explore our newest Craft Ice™ refrigerators, as well as our complete range of kitchen appliances – and create a space designed for the way you live.

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