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Keep your dryer working like new. With a perfectly sized lint filter for your LG dryer, you can reduce the amount of lint that reaches your vents and ensure that your dryer is working properly.

Good catch

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LG dryer lint filters capture the lint that accumulates from the natural laundry process, as well as pet hair, wrappers, paper, change and other items you may have forgotten to remove from your pockets before starting your load. By collecting these items before they reach the vent, the dryer lint filter can help prevent potentially hazardous clogs and keep your dryer running efficiently.

Although lint filters are sturdy and stable, years of wear and tear, misuse and accidents can cause them to become damaged and ineffective. It may be time to replace yours if the filter:

Is Bent or Warped: If your lint filter's frame becomes misshapen it will no longer fit the slot properly and can let items pass into the vent, which can cause clogs to form.

Develops a Hole: Like a bent or warped frame, a hole in the lint filter's screen can allow items to pass into the vent and form a clog.

Has Been Lost: Although your dryer will work without a lint filter, it will allow all particles -- large and small -- to reach your vent and cause clogs to form quickly.

Vent clogs can not only cause your dryer to run less efficiently, but can also pose a danger to your family and your home. When vents become packed with lint and debris, they can ignite and cause hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in damage to your home. By ensuring that your dryer's lint filter is clean and working properly, you can prolong the life of your dryer and help keep your family safe.

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