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Geared Up for Victory

The UltraGear™ is a powerful gaming display integrated with the highest-performing functions to offer total immersion for players in any gaming environment.

Ultra Picture Quality

See Beyond Your Imagination

See a world beyond reach with Ultra Picture Quality. Equipped with a wider range of color and improved color reproduction, the UltraGear™ brings the virtual world to life with colors beyond imagination.

Ultra Picture Quality

Dynamic, Lifelike Precision

The UltraGear™ breathes life into fantasy with a high dynamic contrast and wide color spectrum. Its bright, hyper-realistic picture captivates, while true-to-life precision transports you to another realm.

Ultra Speed

Fast Track to Victory

Unparalleled speed is unequivocally important for winning. With the UltraGear™, your need for speed is also your secret weapon. Overcome pivotal moments and achieve victory—all without lag or a hiccup.

Max 240Hz

When victory hinges on your immediate reaction to what’s on screen, the UltraGear™’s high-speed refresh rate of up to 240Hz ensures that you can deal instantly in any scenario.

1ms Motion Blur Reduction

There’s no room for error when every millisecond counts. 1ms Motion Blur Reduction allows gamers to enjoy the precision and accuracy needed to play at a high level.

Ultra Surreal Fluidity

Seamless Motion and Imaging

One frame can be the key to winning, or it can disrupt the course of the game. Seamless motion and imaging can deliver win after win for a triumphant victory.

Immersive Gaming Field

Designed to Impress & Immerse

Get lost in an overwhelming scale of graphics with a 21:9 QHD. Get so into the game that the world on screen and the world you see are barely distinguishable. Get your game on with the UltraGear™.

Design & Awards

Enhanced Gaming Style

Sphere Lighting and eye-catching design enhances your overall gaming experience, and sleek yet subtle lighting completes your gaming setup and bolsters you into victory.

Geared Up for Victory

Select the right UltraGear™ for you, and experience a victory like none other.

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