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UltraWide Monitors

Whether you need to view more windows, files and spreadsheets at once, or crave immersive video
and gaming experiences with a cinematic view, LG UltraWide™ monitors offer vivid colors and deep
blacks, as well as brilliant multi-tasking features that give you the power to see more and do more.

Features You Should Know
Create an immersive space that's uniquely your own with features like:
Nano IPS Technology with HDR
Get intense on-screen colors and a more nuanced color
expression. And with high dynamic range (HDR) support,
LG 4K & 5K UltraWide monitors with Nano technology
are capable of greater brightness, shadow detail and
richer colors.
This input/output port allows you to connect up to six compatible devices, moving data between them with incredible speed.
High-Speed USB Type-C™ ports
This feature allows 4K video display, data transfer and laptop/mobile device charging at the same time, over a single cable.
21:9 Aspect Ratio
With a bigger height-to-width ratio than standard
monitors, the LG UltraWide collection gives you more
on-screen real estate for viewing files, windows, images,
watching/editing films and videos, playing games, and more.
Curved and Flat Displays
Choose a monitor with slightly curved edges for a more realistic view (like you're looking out a window), or a flat UltraWide display with the same wide picture, but in a more traditional shape.
Screen Splitter
Designed for seamless multitasking, the 4-Screen
Split feature lets you divide your screen into as many
as four customizable segments with a single click.
Now you can see four different windows, images, or
files at the same time.
AMD FreeSync™
This feature eliminates the tearing and stuttering caused
by the differences between a graphic card’s frame rate
and a monitor’s refresh rate—for seamless, fluid
movement during hi-res, fast-paced games.
This synchronizes the monitor refresh rates to the GPU
inside GeForce GTX-powered PCs, eliminating screen
tearing and minimizing stutter and input lag for an
ultra-smooth gameplay experience.
Browse all of our UltraWide options, and be sure to experience our complete collection of innovative LG monitors, including IPS and more—and find innovative ways to make life good.
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