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Laundry Pedestals

The perfect fit

Create a stylish, functional space that's easy on your back. With an LG laundry pedestal, you can get the extra storage you need and/or raise your washer and dryer to the perfect height.

The perfect fit

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Designed to fit perfectly under your washer or dryer, the LG laundry pedestal gives you the height you need to protect your back while doing laundry -- and gives you extra storage for things like detergent, dryer sheets, stain removers, lingerie bags and more. Discover just a few of the features that make our washer and dryer pedestals laundry room must-haves:

Convenient Height: Because our pedestals allow you to raise your washer and dryer to a height that helps reduce bending and back strain, they make doing laundry easier, and more comfortable, than ever.

Sturdy Construction: Every laundry pedestal in our collection is made of rugged, high-quality materials, which means they'll hold your washer and dryer securely -- and stand the test of time.

Stylish Colors: Because your laundry room should be as beautiful as the rest of your home, our pedestals were created to perfectly match the color of your LG washer and dryer.

Wide Drawers: With wide, smooth-rolling drawers, you can not only use our pedestals to raise your washer and dryer to a comfortable height, but you can use them to store your laundry supplies, like dryer sheets, stain removers, lingerie bags, detergent, brushes, scrubbers and more.

LG laundry pedestals were designed to fit perfectly under our 

 and  while giving you valuable storage, and raising the height of your appliances to reduce back strain. Available in a range of colors so you'll always get a perfect match, our washer and dryer pedestals make it easy to create a stylish space that's also functional.

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