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One App,
Total Control

Take control of your home with the LG ThinQ
app. Manage all your LG ThinQ smart home devices in one
place and get the most out of connected living.

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  • Available on the App Store

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LG ThinQ app displaying the home screen with multiple products connected to it.


Make yourself
at home

Set up your virtual home in the LG ThinQ app.
Organize it by room, add in all your
LG smart devices and decorate it with
some colorful wallpaper.

LG ThinQ app displaying the home screen with multiple products connected to it.
  • Air conditioner icon
  • Refrigerator icon
  • Washer icon


A control hub for all
your LG ThinQ devices

Your home is never out of reach with the LG ThinQ app. All you
need is an internet connection to monitor and manage your
devices, even when you’re on the go.

  • Say goodbye to stale laundry—check the wash status from your phone and get a notification when it's done.

  • Turn the air conditioner on just before coming home. Your home will be ready for you.

  • Can't find the remote? Use the LG ThinQ app to control your TV.

  • Select specialized drying cycles for clothes with delicate fabrics.

  • Control your robot vacuum remotely and always return to a clean home.

  • Turn on low energy mode to save energy while you're away from home.

  • LG ThinQ will check the dishwasher's progress so you can just enjoy your TV show.


your home
to your day

By using LG ThinQ routines, you can automate
your smart home devices so they work with your
day—whether you’re sleeping, on vacation or
arriving back home. Turn on Sleep mode and all
your LG ThinQ devices will ensure you have a good
night's rest whenever you're ready to go to bed.

  • Beach umbrella icon.


  • Cresent moon icon.


  • House icon.

    Back Home

LG ThinQ app UI showing vacation mode screen. The air conditioner, dehumidifier and refrigerator have been set on routine for a vacation.


Keep your house
in check

Gone are the days of impatiently waiting
by the
washing machine. With the LG ThinQ app,
you can quickly and easily monitor the status of
your smart home devices.

  • Washer icon

    Washer has finished a cycle.
    Please unload the laundry.

  • Washer icon

    Humidity 55%

  • Washer icon

    Washer has 20 min remaining. Estimated end time is 11:21.



Simply scan the barcode on various
ready-to-cook or frozen meals to
automatically send cooking instructions
straight to your oven. The settings are
customized to your personal cooking
preferences and you can save scanned
meals to "My Recipes" in the LG ThinQ app.

Available Brands1):
DiGiorno, Hot Pockets, Jack's,
Lean Cuisine, Stouffers, Tombstone,
Sweet Earth, Ore Ida, Smart Ones,
Smart Made, Devour, Boca, Bagel Bites, etc.

Scan to cook screen on the LG ThinQ app for scanning barcodes on food products.
An LG oven in a kitchen.

Smart Home

Magic Tap to connect
your TV and phone

Swap your remote control for the LG ThinQ app.
In a single Magic Tap, you can
mirror, cast and sound
share from your TV to your phone and vice versa.2)

Two women facing each other at a café while enjoying breakfast and holding a cup in their hands.
LG ThinQ app showing a remote control for a TV that can control the volume, channel and more.


Get all your essentials

Purchase original supplies and replacements directly from the LG ThinQ Store. The app keeps track of your usage patterns and will notify you when you need more supplies or when there’s a special offer.

You are running low on water filter. Should I order more?

Washer icon
Refrigerator icon


Set up smart reorders

Your LG ThinQ appliances can detect when you’re running low on supplies such as water filters or laundry detergent and automatically place a smart reorder from Amazon.

To enjoy the benefits of smart reorders, connect your LG ThinQ account with Alexa so you never run out.3)

Customer care

Solve problems
on the spot

Troubleshoot your devices in a flash with LG ThinQ
Smart Diagnosis. Use the app to instantly check
whether your devices are working well, get an
alert when an issue pops up and
immediately receive a solution you can

Silver LG InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator
LG ThinQ app showing smart diagnosis of an LG ThinQ refrigerator which has issues with temperature, fan motor and more.

Customer care

Always keep you in check, so you don’t have to

Appliances are major investment. LG appliance will proactively alert you of any potential issues.

LG ThinQ app showing a notification from ThinQ Care for an LG ThinQ washer. Too much detergent has been detected and a Tub Clean cycle should be performed.
LG ThinQ app logo

Your one-stop

Get instant access to customer support
directly from LG ThinQ app powered by
ThinQ Care.

LG ThinQ app displaying the wallpaper change screen with an incoming notification from an LG ThinQ Dishwasher.
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Get the LG ThinQ
app and create
an account

Download the LG ThinQ app and use your
account to log in. Still don’t have an
account? Creating one is quick and easy.

  • GET IT ON Google Play
  • Available on the App Store
LG ThinQ app screen showing how to download the app.

Find and select
your device

Click the + symbol in the app and let it scan for
nearby devices. You can also locate your device
in the list of LG ThinQ products or by scanning
your product’s QR code.

  • GET IT ON Google Play
  • Available on the App Store
LG ThinQ app screen showing how to find your device.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Press the Wi-Fi button on your device for 3 seconds.
Once its Wi-Fi network appears in the LG ThinQ app,
connect to control the device from your phone.
Need more help?

  • GET IT ON Google Play
  • Available on the App Store
LG ThinQ app screen showing how to connect to wi-fi.
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