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Appliances that evolve with you

Appliance line up.
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Introducing ThinQ UP™

ThinQ UP™ enabled smart appliances1 can continuously evolve with you thanks to software updates delivered via Wi-Fi. Check the ThinQ® app for updates and download new features, functionalities and enhancements based on your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Continual Updates

Software updates to meet your changing lifestyle

You Are in Control

Download the features and functionalities you desire and personalize your appliance

Suggests New Features

Intelligent recommendations based on your personal circumstances.

1ThinQ UPTM only available on select products.

Discover ThinQ Care

Manage all your appliances from one place.

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    Care Alerts

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    Concierge Service

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    Trusted Advice

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    Monthly Usage Reports

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    Smart Diagnosis

Getting started with ThinQ Care

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The one place to care for all of your appliance needs. Get ready to enjoy a suite of services including real-time care alerts, concierge customer service and expert advice on making the most of your products.

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Preventative care alerts and monthly reports

Access preventative care alert history, care guidance, and usage reports directly from your phone.

Black LG ThinQ front load washer.
  • Additional phone image 1.
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An icon of LG ThinQ notification. The temperature will drop to freezing point. Please remove any excess water from the pipe.
An icon of washer notification. Too much detergent has been detected in your washer. Please reduce detergent amount and perform a Tub Clean cycle before your next wash load.4)

Concierge Service

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Get the assistance you need without waiting on hold. ThinQ Care provides a dedicated support team at your fingertips when you need it.

A portrait of a woman customer service worker. A portrait of a woman customer service worker.
A phone on a hand with trusted advice. A phone on a hand with trusted advice.

Trusted Advice

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Stay in the know with helpful tips and advice directly from the experts to get the most out of your appliances.

A women using the washer. A women using the washer.

Smart Diagnosis

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Enjoy the confidence that comes with ThinQ Care monitoring key functions behind-the scenes, so your most important appliances stay protected.

LG ThinQ Energy

Whole Home Energy Management in One Place

Make the most of your energy: be ready with backup power

ThinQ Energy optimizes your home’s energy with solar panels, an energy storage system, smart devices, and more, increasing your clean energy and your energy independence while keeping you ready for unexpected outages.

A picture of the energy optimizer
Energy optimizer outside of a house

Enroll in energy programs to save even more

Some energy providers will compensate you for allowing access to the energy generated and stored by your system. Opt in to save even more on energy costs. Currently available to select customers in California.

Put yourself in control of your energy

With the LG ThinQ Energy app, you can monitor power flows, track your usage, and personalize your energy preferences. Download on iOS or Android.

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A car charging
A phone whit ThinQ app

Enjoy extra services from partners and integrated eco-system

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