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Introducing ThinQ Extend

Discover a brand new way to buy and experience LG products in the LG ThinQ App.
With exclusive in-app contents of product insights & tips, additional limited manufacturer warranties1), supplies bundled and low monthly payment, ThinQ Extend is ownership reimagined.

  • A protection icon.

    Additional warranty1) &
    Proactive Customer Care1)

  • An icon that representing three boxes.

    Right supply bundled

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    Product insights &
    Tips by app

  • A report icon.

    Low monthly payment

Peace of mind
With additional years of warranty1), supplies to keep your product performing strong, and built in Proactive Customer Care1), you can rest easy when you purchase your product with ThinQ Extend.
Black LG ThinQ front load washer and dryer.
A notification icon of 1 year after purchase. 1 year manufacturer warranty
A notification icon of 2 year after purchase. + Additional manufacturer warranty of 2nd year
Convenient way to get supplies
With ThinQ Extend, you don’t have to worry about remembering to order air filters or tub cleaners for your product.
White LG PuriCare 360 Air Purifier.
Boxes are delivered on time.
An icon of LG ThinQ notification. Your air filter has been ordered for your replacement.
Exclusive experiences
Access customized experiences, like Monthly Insights, Smart Tips, and Smart Diagnosis, designed to help you get the most out of your products - available exclusively in the LG ThinQ app.
A family is standing next to the air purifier.
A bar graph shows the percentage of usage report.
An icon of LG ThinQ notification. Would you like to see your latest air quality report?
Low monthly payment
Simplify purchasing with bundled products and low installment payment plans.
Black LG ThinQ front load washer and dryer.
White LG PuriCare 360 Air Purifier.
An icon of LG ThinQ notification. Get the product you want today and pay for it in small installments.

Energy management

Easily participate in Demand Response programs with eligible LG ThinQ products to save energy and earn rewards at the same time.3)

  • A lightning icon.

    Energy conservation

  • A star icon.


  • A money icon.


Conserve energy with ease

With customers' Demand Response program enrollment, their LG Smart Wi-Fi A/Cs will automatically adjust the temperature when supply is in high demand. This helps lower both your bills and your carbon footprint with absolute ease.

Blue line graph shows the percentage of electricity consumed. Blue line graph shows the percentage of electricity consumed.
White LG ThinQ air conditioner.
An icon of LG ThinQ notification. Energy Output Optimized Maintaining energy usage at an efficient rate.

Save electricity and earn rewards

You can easily enroll in Demand Response program for an opportunity to start saving electricity and earning rewards straight away.2)

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Proactive Customer Care

Using AI, it helps you get the most out of your LG ThinQ appliances.

  • A protection icon.

    Installation report

  • An alert icon.

    Preventive alerts

  • A graph icon.

    Monthly usage report

What is LG Proactive Customer Care
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Welcome email and installation report

  • A  report icon.
  • An email icon.

Once customers use their new appliance for the first time, Proactive Customer Care will run a diagnostic check and send owners a welcome email with an installation report to confirm their appliance was installed properly and is operating at its best, right from the start.

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Preventive alerts

Send appliance usage summary, care guidance, tips and timely maintenance notifications based on the customer’s specific usage behavior.

Black LG ThinQ front load washer.
An icon of LG ThinQ notification. The temperature will drop to freezing point. Please remove any excess water from the pipe.
An icon of washer notification. Too much detergent has been detected in your washer. Please reduce detergent amount and perform a Tub Clean cycle before your next wash load.4)

Always performing at its best

Always updated with the latest features to maximize your device performance to provide more convenient way to use your product.

A man opening the washer. A man opening the washer.

Enjoy extra services from partners and integrated eco-system

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