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Innovation for a Better Life

LG ThinQ products are designed to make your day easier, so you can spend more time on what matters.

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What makes LG ThinQ special?

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    Seamlessly control all of your LG ThinQ devices with LG ThinQ app, without need for any additional app.

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    LG ThinQ products know what they need and proactively take care of themselves, while LG ThinQ app keeps you updated with useful notifications and alerts.

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    No need to worry whether what you buy works with your LG ThinQ devices. You can easily get genuine supplies and replacements directly from the LG ThinQ Store.

At the heart of LG ThinQ

Evolution, connection and openness – the three core principles that pave the path to the future of smart living.

EVOLVE Constant evolution
LG ThinQ products have AI technology that evolves functionality by analyzing and learning your lifestyle, habits and preferences. The more you use LG ThinQ, the better it will anticipate your needs—creating a personalized experience that will get better with time.
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CONNECT Connected living
In our fast-moving world, staying connected is more important than ever. That’s why LG ThinQ is designed for connected lifestyle. With an intelligent ecosystem of smart home devices and centralized control with LG ThinQ app, you can stay connected at any time, any place.
OPEN Unlimited possibilities
When it comes to facilitating a better and simpler life, LG ThinQ doesn't need to work alone. By enabling integrations with partner platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, LG ThinQ creates new possibilities and a better user experience.
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White LG ThinQ air conditioner.

LG ThinQ Vision

"Our goal is to become a lifestyle innovator that serves a truly intelligent way of living."

I.P. Park

CTO, LG Electronics

"By learning how we would like to live and anticipating our needs, LG is helping bring us into an AI-powered future."

Andrew Ng

CEO, Landing AI

"Meaningful for both the industry and its customers, our vision for AI innovation enables and encourages us to come up with more daring and innovative ideas for the future."

I.P Park

CTO, LG Electronics

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LG ThinQ thinks ahead for you

Since its beginning, LG ThinQ has made life easier for all of its users. Take a look at how it plans to take it a step further.

Even more functionality

LG ThinQ’s ever increasing technologies and AI capabilities mean you can do more with the LG ThinQ app.

Do you want to control your air conditioner remotely, or have your vacuum clean before you get home? With the LG ThinQ app, it's easier and more convenient than ever, freeing up your time for more important tasks.
LG ThinQ mobile app screen.
An icon of LG ThinQ Range.
An icon of LG ThinQ Portable.
An icon of LG ThinQ Air purifier.
Keep your LG ThinQ devices in check

With the LG ThinQ app, you can easily access reliable information sourced directly from LG.

LG ThinQ ensures you’ll be up-to-date on of all your LG devices, with preventive maintenance notifications and remedy information within the app. With its maintenance tips and integrated store within the app for accessories and replacement needs, LG ThinQ helps ensure peace of mind, long after you purchased your devices.
LG ThinQ mobile app screen.
An icon of LG ThinQ notification. The temperature will soon drop to freezing. Please remove any excess water from the pipe.
An icon of LG ThinQ Air conditioner.
An icon of LG ThinQ Refrigerator.
An icon of LG ThinQ Washer.
Get the most out of LG ThinQ

LG ThinQ provides constant stream of useful information and contents regarding your devices and lifestyle.

Both fun and relevant videos, articles and tips will provide information that will make your life easier and better using LG ThinQ devices. The more you use the app, the more you can get out of smart living.
A TV screen displaying the text Welcome home, Lisa!
Your LG ThinQ TV can provide you a completely personalized viewing experience.
One-stop shop for all

Shop with confidence through the LG ThinQ app and ensure all your purchased products are genuine and high-quality.

The LG ThinQ app provides shopping experience to purchase all LG products, bundled packages, supplies and more. It offers products and services tailored especially for you.
Black LG ThinQ front load washer.
A liquid detergent.
An icon of LG ThinQ notification. It’s time to change your washing machine filter. Order now.
An integrated ecosystem
LG ThinQ has an ever-evolving ecosystem through partnerships — from Amazon Alexa to Google Assistant. With growing list of integrated products and services, LG ThinQ takes care of your every need and seamlessly fits into your lifestyle by collaborating with partner platforms and products you already use.
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