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Sharp, Bright Images

LG camera technology elevates your photos to a new level that raises the bar for phone photography.

Screen Images Simulated Throughout


Standard Lens

Standout Images with Rich Detail

With its DSLR-like design, the LG G8 ThinQ minimizes light dispersion, allowing more light to reach the large sensor to achieve crisp, bright images.


Camera Specs


With its versatile super wide-angle and standard rear cameras, and a precise front camera, the LG G8 ThinQ™ lets you capture more of every scene, in sharp detail and vivid color.



Keep the Focus on You

Highlight yourself by softening backdrops with the 3D camera that separates you from the background with precision. Add a professional touch to portraits by adjusting your photo's depth of field for an artistic background effect.

  • portrait
  • Spotlight

Video Bokeh

Videos with a Professional Touch

Now, smartphone videos look cinematic, with video bokeh that keeps the subject in sharp focus with a soft background.


AI Cam

Intelligently Enhance Your Photos

Capture the perfect shot with a camera so clever, it knows exactly what you’re shooting by recognizing up to 19 categories. AI Cam recommends 4 optimized filter options – adjusting the exposure, saturation, and more.


Google Lens


Get stuff done faster, and interact with the world around you using your camera and AI integration. Copy and paste text, add events to your calendar, find products online and see similar styles, identify popular plants and animals, learn about landmarks, and more.


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