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Dive Into Five

Take a closer look at the revolutionary
5-camera LG V40 ThinQ™.

triple preview

Get a live preview of all three rear cameras - telephoto zoom, standard and super wide- to compare and select the best lens for your scene.

  • triple preview
  • triple shot
3D Light Effect

Choose from 5 studio-like lighting effects to brighten, contour or add drama to your portraits. Includes Natural, Softbox, Contour, Stage and Stage Black & White.

  • 3D Light Effect
  • Portrait
  • Backdrop

Screen images simulated

cine shot

Select and animate the parts of your photo that have movement to bring still images to life.

High Dynamic Range

Elevate your photos with HDR and capture bright spots and dark shadows in the same frame, all in vivid detail.


Capture the perfect shot with a camera so clever, it knows exactly what you’re shooting by recognizing up to 19 subjects and recommending 4 optimized filter options.

  • AI Cam
  • AI Composition
  • google lens

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