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Stick Vacuum

Engineered for Convenience

Powerful, one-touch cleaning without the cord and a 5-step filtration system protect your space from dirt and dust.

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Clean every area of your home without restriction - with LG's convenient cordless stick vacuum that offers a light, compact space-saving design empowered by long-lasting battery life and powerful suction.

*In normal mode without Power Carpet/Floor Nozzle using 2 included batteries

The innovative features of LG stick vacuums:

Motorized Dust Compression: The LG cordless stick vacuum not only cleans thoroughly with long-lasting suction power, it also compresses dust and dirt to prevent particles escaping your bin, creating a more hygienic dust-free environment that lessens the aggravation of respiratory allergies like asthma.

Time Efficient: Spend more time cleaning your house instead of your vacuum. LG cordless stick vacuums compact dirt as it gets picked up, helping you remove more dirt from your environment without having to stop to empty the vacuum frequently.

Dust Mite Elimination: Remove dust mites with LG cordless stick vacuums’ Sani Punch vacuum head, specially designed to get rid of dust mites from your bed, furniture and other areas they might be hiding in.

HEPA Filter Enhanced: Ensure that particles do not circulate back into your home, with LG cordless stick vacuums’ carbon HEPA filter that traps 99.95% of microscopic particles.

Comfortable Usability: With innovative technology and ergonomic design in place, LG cordless stick vacuums are pleasing to look at while being extremely functional and easy to use.

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