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LG dishwashers are sleek, powerful, and packed with innovative features designed to make dishwashing easier and more convenient for you. Discover some of the benefits of your new LG dishwasher.


Learn How to Adjust Your EasyRack™ Plus Racking System 

Your LG dishwasher comes with an easy-to-use and adjustable racking system. With collapsible tines, removable baskets, and flip-up stemware racks, your dishwasher can accommodate just about any load of dishes. See how flexible the EasyRack™ Racking System is.

Rack Loading Tips

Lower Rack
  • Load plates, soup bowls etc. between the tines.
  • Load cookie sheets, cake pans and other large items on the sides or back of the rack. Loading these items in the front of the dishwasher can prevent the water spray from reaching the detergent dispenser.
  • Make sure that pot handles and other large items don't block the sprays arms from rotating.
  • For best cleaning results, use the top separators in the basket when loading silverware. The separators will prevent nesting of silverware.
  • Load sharp items, such as knives, pointing down.
Upper Rack
  • Place cups and glasses between the rack tines. Covering the tines can lead to breakage and water spots.
  • To avoid chipping, don't let stemware touch other items.
  • Place items with the opening facing down for optimal cleaning and drying.

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Understand Your TrueSteam™ Steam Cycles* 

The LG 8574 and 8072 dishwasher models come equipped with three powerful, yet gentle TrueSteam™ steam cycles that virtually eliminate the need to pre-wash your dishes. Steam uses less water than other power cleaning methods and with smaller particles its penetrating power is more effective. Steam also increases the temperature inside the dishwasher tub, which helps to melt off oily and waxy residue on dishes, like lipstick along the rim of a glass. Discover the difference between the Steam Power, Steam Delicate, and Steam Dual cycles on your dishwasher.

* Available only on the LDF8574ST and LDF8072ST models

Steam Power

This cycle should be used for more heavily soiled dishes and defaults to the highest spray intensity in the machine. See it in action.

Steam Delicate

This cycle adds a gentle boost of steam to the delicate cycle. It's best used to effectively clean delicate items like fine china and stemware. See it in action.

Steam Dual

This cycle is ideally used for mixed loads. It adds the power of steam while washing the upper and lower racks at different spray intensities. The default setting for this cycle washes the lower rack with strong spray intensity and the upper rack with soft spray intensity—but both levels can be adjusted accordingly. See how to adjust your spray settings.

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Discover How Quietly Your LoDecibel™ Dishwasher Operates 

LG dishwashers have an Inverter DirectDrive motor and advanced filtration system that were designed with quiet in mind. Operating between only 42-48dB, they are among the quietest dishwashers among leading brands in their class.

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