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LG G4™: Let's Get Started!

Congratulations on your new LG G4! How's it feel to own greatness in the palm of your hand? Plenty of its amazing capabilities are waiting to be unleashed, so we've put together some helpful tips to get you started.


Get the Basics of Greatness

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A Knock Code™ lets you wake up the screen with your own unique pattern. If the incorrect code is entered too many times, you'll need to log in to your Google Account or use a backup PIN.

How to set up Knock Code
  1. Tap      >      >   Settings  
  2. From the DISPLAY section, tap Lock screen.
  3. Tap Select screen lock and tap Knock Code.
  4. Use the 2x2 grid to create a sequence of knocks (or taps) to set your Knock Code.

Note: You have to create a backup PIN as a safety measure in case you forget your unlock sequence.

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Connectivity Made Easy

Find Wi-Fi in a jiffy.

Connecting to Wi-Fi networks
  1. From the Home screen, tap      >   Apps tab (if necessary)   >      >   Networks tab   >   Wi-Fi.
  2. Tap      to turn Wi-Fi on and start scanning for available Wi-Fi networks.
  3. Tap a network to connect to it.
    – If the network is secured with a lock icon, you will need to enter a security key or password.
Pairing your phone with another Bluetooth® device
  1. From the Home screen, tap      >   Apps tab (if necessary)   >      >   Networks tab   >   Bluetooth.
  2. Tap      to turn Bluetooth on.
  3. Tap Search for devices to view the visible devices in range.
  4. Choose the device you want to pair with from the list and follow any subsequent instructions to complete pairing. Once the paring is successful, your phone connects to the other device.

Satisfy your Bluetooth.

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Share the Love

SmartShare™ allows you to receive multimedia from other LG phones and tablets.

  1. From the Home screen, tap      >   Apps tab (if necessary)   >      >   Networks tab   >   Bluetooth®.
  2. Tap      to turn Bluetooth on.
  3. Tap Search for devices to view the visible devices in range.
  4. Choose the device you want to pair with from the list and follow any subsequent instructions to complete pairing. Once the paring is successful, your phone connects to the other device.
  1. While viewing the content you want to share, tap      or      >   SmartShare.
  2. Tap Play or Beam in the pop-up that is displayed.
    Play: You can stream your content via a TV, Bluetooth speaker, etc.
    Beam: You can send your content to Bluetooth devices or via SmartShare Beam* to supported LG phones or tablets.
    *SmartShare Beam quickly transfers multimedia contents through Wi-Fi Direct.
  3. Tap the device you want to share from the list.
    – If the device is not displayed on the list, make sure that Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, or Bluetooth is turned on. Then tap Rescan.
  4. Tap Send to share the files.

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The LG G4 has the capacity to hold some pretty big files, some of which aren't conducive for sending over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth® (e.g. raw camera files).

Instead, copy and move data between your phone and computer using a USB cable.

  1. Connect your device to a PC using the USB cable that came with your phone.
  2. Open the Notifications panel and select Media device (MTP).
  3. A window will pop up on your PC, allowing you to transfer the desired data.

NOTE: The LG Android Platform Driver is required to be installed on your PC to be able to detect the phone.

  1. Download and install the Android File Transfer program from the website for Mac Users.
  2. Connect your phone to your computer, and double click the AFT (Android File Transfer program) application to start it up.
  3. You can now view the media content as well as drag and drop from the phone to your desktop.

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Your First Taste of Lollipop™

Experience the latest and most robust version of the Android mobile operating system developed by Google, and get more excited than a kid in a candy shop.

Learn the language of touch

Press your finger to a single item to select an object.


Press and hold your finger to a single item and move it to a desired position.


Quickly press and drag your finger across the surface of the screen.


Use your index finger and thumb in a pinching or spreading motion to zoom in or out viewing Internet browsers, maps, or photos.


Rotate the Screen
For many apps and menus, the screen orientation adjusts to the phone's physical orientation.

Familiarize yourself with home base.

This is the command center for all your goodies. Add items like app shortcuts and Google widgets to give you instant access to the info you want most.

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Smart Notice analyzes the time, schedule, status of phone, and more to display the information you need at a glance on your home screen like your own personal assistant.

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Here are some LG G4 tricks to save you some time.

Smart Cleaning

To keep your phone running smoothly, this feature gives you notifications on infrequently used apps that slow up your processor. You won't need to dig around to control your clutter.

Glance View

When your phone screen is off, you can see the Status bar, Time, and Date by dragging your finger down from the top of the screen.

QSlide Function

From any screen, use the Notifications panel to access the Calendar, Calculator, and more. Touch and slide the Status bar downward and tap QSlide, and start experimenting.


Multitaskers rejoice! This feature allows you to split your screen in two and use different applications at once.

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Control your compatible TV, cable, surround sound system, air conditioner, and more with the LG G4.

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Work Out Smart

LG Health lets you record and monitor your workouts to hit your goals.* Measure calories burned, map your exercise route, and share your workouts with friends. Try it yourself!

Reach your goals. Track your activity. Get in sync and get in shape. LG Health is a smarter approach to exercise.

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Load Up On Apps

If you really want to beef up your LG G4, don't forget to visit the Google Play™ Store where thousands of awesome apps are just a quick download away.

From productivity apps like Evernote and Chrome, to social media apps like Facebook and Viber, to entertainment apps like Hulu and Netflix, there is something in the Google Play™ Store for all occasions.

If you have other LG products, there are LG-made companion apps such as LG Smart Range, LG Smart Refrigerator, and LG Smart Laundry & Dishwasher that enhance your experience for each one.

*This app is not intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or medical condition. Always seek the advice of a qualified medical professional before making any changes to your exercise, sleep, or nutrition.

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Overall LG G4 safety and legal topics can be found here.