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LG V10™: Video Features

Lights, camera, action! Get ready to capture every move and share every incredible moment. Learn the most useful video features on your LG V10 camera, and release the filmmaker inside you.

Watch pro skateboarder Ryan Sheckler demonstrate what you can do with the LG V10, and learn how you can explore the same features on your own.

Your LG V10 is also a powerhouse for photography.
Learn how to take the best shots.



This feature reduces the effects of unintentional hand movement by utilizing a special image processor in conjunction with OIS. It's available in Manual Video Mode and Automatic Video Mode.

Just tap     on the Manual Video Mode viewfinder.

NOTE: Functions with the rear camera only for video

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Now you can organize a series of clips into one video. Create a collage of exciting moments and easily share them to your social media.

Compose a creative movie that combines both your still images and videos in one easy process. Snap Video allows you to organize these on a timeline and then set a theme for style, transition, and even music.

You can set up Snap Video Mode to display as a single screen view or use the tri-view function which sections off parts of the screen with different images. The screen orientation is fixed once you start recording.

NOTE: Some settings are disabled in this mode including: HDR, grid, aspect ratio, and stabilize.

To Create a Movie in Snap Video Mode:

  1. Tap the  Home Button  >    >  
  2. Set your screen choice. Tap    to change the Multi-view Mode, if necessary.
  3. Take photos and video then place them on a sequential timeline.
  4. When you're done, just hit Save.

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Let your phone help you cut the fluff and get you the most exciting video possible. 15-Second Auto Edit shortens videos over 30 seconds to 15 seconds by using an algorithm to show only highlighted sections. It also reduces video content that is blurry or where no action is happening.

  1. Snap a video then go to the gallery.
  2. Select  
  3. Select  
  4. Your video will automatically be cut down and saved.

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Quickly and easily trim, adjust video speed, background music, lighting filters and more with Quick Video Editor. Now you can combine several images and videos (including Snap movies) into one clip.

  1. Snap a video then go to the gallery.
  2. Select  
  3. You can experiment with the following settings:

Speed — Speed up or slow down the video
Style — Apply filters to change the visual effect
Music — Add background music
Stamp — Add a title or watermark

  1. Press    to review the video
  2. Save the file and share your masterpiece.

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Real-time editing with Manual Video Mode allows you to capture each video the way you want to share it. It's easy to fine-tune your moments as you record them.

  • White Balance
  • Manual Focus
  • Exposure
  • Shutter Speed
  • ISO
  • Zoom

To get into details, click here.

  1. Tap to remove motion blur, especially when you're walking or moving a lot.  
  2. Tap to set recording settings.  
  3. Tap to adjust sound direction.
  4. Tap to adjust decibel.
  5. Tap to adjust wind sound.

  You can use this function after connecting an earphone.

Tap     and you can hear the audio as you're recording.

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After taking a photo or recording a video, you can share the files quickly. Tap the icon that appears or slide it to the left to view more apps. Then select the app you wish to use to share the file.

NOTE: The apps that appear are arranged on the type and frequency used.

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