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Your gas range isn’t just innovative—it’s smart. In a few simple steps you can wirelessly adjust your appliance’s settings and even troubleshoot problems.

*Only available on select models.


The Tag On function allows you to conveniently use LG Smart Diagnosis (see below), set the cook mode and EasyClean® features, and communicate with your appliance using a smartphone. To start using the Tag On function, you first need to download the LG Smart Oven app (Android phone compatible only). Then you need to turn on the NFC (Near Field Communication) function on your smartphone. (The Tag On function is only compatible with smartphones that are equipped with the NFC function and based on the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or later OS (operating system).


  1. Enter the Settings menu of your smartphone and select Share & Connect under WIRELESS NETWORKS.
  2. Set NFC and Direct/Android Beam to ON and select NFC.
  3. Check Use Read and Write/P2P receive.

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Look for the Tag On icon next the Start button on the control panel. Position the smartphone next to the icon when using the Tag On function with the LG Smart Diagnosis™, cook mode setting, and EasyClean® features of the LG Smart Oven application.

When using the Tag On function, position the smartphone so that the NFC antenna inside the back of the smartphone matches the position of the Tag On icon on the appliance. If the connection is not made immediately, move the smart phone very slightly in a widening circular motion until the application verifies the connection.

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Should you experience any problems with your range, it has the capability of transmitting data to your smartphone using the LG Smart Oven application or via your telephone to the LG call center. Smart Diagnosis cannot be activated unless your range is turned on by touching the Start button. If your range is unable to turn on, then troubleshooting must be done without using Smart Diagnosis.


  1. Download the LG Smart Oven app on your smartphone. (Android phone compatible only.)
  2. Open the LG Smart Oven application on your smartphone. Touch Smart Diagnosis button to advance to the next screen.
  3. Follow directions of the application. Using ‘Tag On’ is recommended but, if it does not work well, the application will show you how to use Audible Diagnosis.
  4. Touch in the LG Smart Oven application for a more detailed guide on how to use the Tag On function.

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  1. Call the LG call center at: (LG U.S.) 1-800-243-0000 or (LG Canada) 1-888-542-2623.
  2. When instructed to do so by the call center agent, hold the mouthpiece of your phone over the Smart Diagnosis™ logo on the machine. Hold your phone no more than one inch from (but not touching) the machine. Do not touch any other buttons or icons on the display screen during this process.
  3. Touch and hold the Start button for three seconds.
  4. Keep your phone in place until the tone transmission has finished. This takes about 6 seconds and the display will count down the time.
  5. Once the countdown is over and the tones have stopped, resume your conversation with the call center agent, who will then be able to assist you in using the information transmitted for analysis.


  • For best results, do not move the phone while the tones are being transmitted.
  • If the call center agent is not able to get an accurate recording of the data, you may be asked to try again.

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