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Your First Wash

Are you ready for the best wash ever? With your new LG washer you'll be taking great care of your clothes and linens from the very first wash. Follow our simple guide to get started.


You're now a top load washer owner, so welcome to a new world of laundry possibilities. As you'll soon find out, there are a lot of differences between your new washer and the washer you grew up with.

The Basics:
Top load machines allow you to add a soak option to an existing cycle, unlike front load washers. This means you can soak clothing before active washing for an improved wash performance.
When it comes to innovation:
LG top load washers have many innovative features, like our unique 6Motion™ Technology. It combines up to 6 different wash motions in one cycle for outstanding cleaning, while being gentle on fabrics. See for yourself.

Your First Wash, Step-by-Step

Use this helpful guide to make sure everything goes great with your first wash.

  • Large items, like sheets and towels, should not be more than half of the total load.
  • The washer can be fully loaded, but should not be tightly packed with items. A good rule of thumb is that items do not protrude past the top of the drum so that the lid of the washer will close easily.
  • Do not wash single items to prevent out-of-balance load–which will cause vibration and noise. Always add one or two similar items to the load. And, wash large bulky items like blankets, comforters or bedspreads individually.
  • It is recommended to use the Bulky/Bedding Cycle with a low spin speed when washing water-proof or water-resistant items, to help protect the fabric's properties.
  • Top load washers rotate the wet laundry to use less water. So, if you don't see water during the cycle, don't worry. Your laundry is being well taken care of.

Need help setting up your washer? Click here for our installation guide.