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General Overview - LG Range with ProBake™

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General Overview - LG Range with ProBake™


  • LG's Oven Range with ProBake convection delivers even bake results on every rack, every time.

  • Using your LG Pro Bake Oven is easy.

  • Start by selecting a cooking mode.

  • Set your desired temperature, and press Start to preheat.

  • Once the oven is ready, a tone will sound and the oven light will blink on and off.

  • You can set the oven to cook for a specific length of time by selecting cook time.

  • Enter your desired length of cook time and press Start.

  • Convection bake mode is great for baking cookies, biscuits, and other baked goods.

  • And the Convection Roast is ideal for cooking meats and poultry.

  • When using convection modes, please note that temperatures displayed have been Auto converted for the convection cooking modes, and will display a temperature 25 degrees lower than the temperature set.

  • To disable the auto conversion function, choose settings and toggle the button until Auto appears on the display.

  • Select 1 to disable or enable Auto conversion and press Start to accept the change.

  • The Warm feature will keep cooked food warm for up to 3 hours at 170 degrees.

  • Place your food into the oven and select the Warm button on your control panel to enable this mode.

  • You can also set the ovens to automatically enter warming mode by pressing the warm button.

  • Once the cook time has been set, the warming mode will deactivate automatically after 3 hours.

  • And will play a tone or melody every minute to indicate that the warm function has been deactivated.

  • Press to Clear/Off button to clear this function.

  • You can also turn off the warm feature at any time during operation by pressing the Clear/Off button.

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