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LG Dishwasher - Cycles and Options

  • Operation
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LG Dishwasher - Cycles and Options

  • Cycles

  • Turning on the power, displays the last cycle run.

  • Auto

    • This cycle senses the soil amount and water clarity and optimizes the wash to achieve the best cleaning.

  •  Intensive

    • This cycle is for heavily soiled dishes and dishes with hardened on soil.

    • The heavy cycle defaults to the strongest spray intensity and uses it to wash heavily soiled dishes.

  •  Delicate

    • Use this cycle to clean delicate items such as fine china and stemware.

  • Eco

    • Eco provides the most energy efficient and low water consumption for good washing performance on a normally soiled load.

    • Eco cycle and the Energy Saver option are suitable for a normally soiled load.

  • Turbo

    • This cycle will clean moderate dishes in an hour using slightly more energy and water.

    • Extra Dry is set as default. If you do not want to dry dishes after washing, turn off the Extra Dry option.

  • Download Cycle

    • Use a dedicated downloadable cycle via Wi-Fi or NFC.

    • Default Cycle: P1. Pots & Pans

  • Machine Clean

    • This cycle is for cleaning the inside of the appliance.

    • Use this cycle without dishes in the dishwasher.

  • Rinse

    • This cycle is a quick rinse only for dishes that will not be washed immediately. No detergent should be used.

  •  Express

    • This cycle will quickly clean lightly soiled dishes.

    • This cycle does not have drying.


  • Options
  • Dual Zone

    • This option automatically sets the spray intensity to soft for the upper spray arm and strong for the lower spray arm.

  •  Half Load

    • This option washes intensively by selecting the upper or lower racks.

    • For small loads, use just the upper or lower rack to save energy and time. 

  • Energy Saver

    • This option saves energy by reducing the wash and rinse temperatures.

    • Wash time is increased to maintain wash performance.

  • High Temp

    • Raise the main wash temperature to improve cleaning.

  • Extra Dry

    • Select the Extra Dry option for better drying performance.

    • When the rinse aid is empty, the Extra Dry option is selected automatically.

  • Delay Start

    • The Delay Start feature delays the start of a selected cycle.

    • Each time the Delay Start button is pressed, the delay time increases by an hour.

    • The delay time can be set from 1 to 12 hours, in one-hour increments.

  • Control Lock

    • The Control Lock feature helps prevent settings from being changed during a cycle.

    • Selecting this feature locks all of the buttons, except for the Power button, on the control panel.

    • This feature does not lock the door.

    • To start a new cycle, deactivate Control Lock.

  • Wi - Fi

    • Press and hold Delay Start for approximately 3 seconds to connect to the network.

    •  Refer to SMART FUNCTIONS sections for detailed information about this feature.
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