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  • Operation

The latest software for the LG G5 AT&T H820 is software version H82030a.

To check what version of software is installed on your LG G5:

  1. Open Settings > General tab > About phone

  2. Tap Software information.

  3. View the current software under Software version.

Select software for more info:

    • Android O OS Upgrade
    • Android Security Update (2018-08-01)
    • Modem crash w/ 2CA enabled in market - QCT CR verified to fix symptom
    • Android Security Update (2018-03-01)
    • Android Security Update (2018-01-01)
    • AT&T Wi-Fi calling update
    • General maintenance
    • Google security patches
    • General maintenance

Software Update

  1. When the software update is available, the update icon will display in the status bar at the top of the screen. Swipe down from the top and tap the notification.

  2. Tap Restart & Install.

Note: If prompted, connect to a Wi-Fi network to download the software update.

  1. Your device will restart to perform the update.

  2. When the update is complete, your phone will restart and transition through a series of alerts stating Android is upgrading. Once your phone has powered on you will be notified that the software update successfully installed. Tap OK to close the notification.


If you have not been notified of an available software update, you can manually check if one is available.

  1. Open Settings > System updates

  2. Tap Check for new system update to manually check for a new update.

  3. You will be prompted if a new software update is available. Continue from Software Update, step 1.

Software update only available Over-The-Air.

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