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LG Range - Understanding Gas Range Noises

LG Range - Understanding Gas Range Noises
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LG Range - Understanding Gas Range Noises

  • Your new LG gas oven range uses an electric spark ignition system that provides a more reliable efficient way to power your gas stovetop.

  • To operate gently pushing the knobs and turn to the light position.

  • You would then hear an electrical clicking sound of the ignition system providing the spark necessary to effectively light the burners.

  • Please be reminded that this sound is completely normal and shows that your ignition system is operational.

  • It's that simple if you hear the electric spark igniter is click for more than 3 to 5 seconds but do not see the burners are lit.

  • Check to see that the gas valve is completely open and that your burner caps are flush and installed properly.

  • If the gas valve is open, and the appliance was just installed then turn all the knobs to the light position allowing the gas to flow through until the ranges gas lines which may take several seconds.

  • Eventually the gas will flow to the cooktop allowing the burners to ignite successfully.

  • Flames and your gas cooktop burners should have distinct cones around the burner.

  • If you notice any abnormal flames, let the burners cool down make sure that the burners are clean and completely dry before reinstalling.

  • And the burner caps are seated correctly and aligned properly to the burners.

  • When using the oven you may also notice a subtle poof sound as your burners become lit.

  • This is completely normal the noise you hear is the result of the gases lighting and turning into flames. As the oven heats up the metal located here at the bottom may create a popping sound.

  • This occurs when the metal plate heats up and expands creating the sound as your oven cools this metal plating will return to its original state.

  • This will not damage or deteriorate the function of your LG gas oven range.

  • If you have a convection oven a fan located inside the compartment will spin during its cooking operation.

  • Occasionally the sound of the fan spinning and turning off will be apparent which indicates that your oven is working properly and the sound is normal as with any oven range the electric components in your oven are controlled by a set of relays.

  • When these relays open or close it is normal to hear the common sound of clipping.

  • Your LG gas oven/range can help cook any meal to near perfection when used properly.

  • Thank you for watching our customer support video we hope you enjoy your LG experience.

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