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LG Range - What is Smart Diagnosis & How to Use it

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LG Range - What is Smart Diagnosis & How to Use it
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LG Range - What is Smart Diagnosis & How to Use it

  • Welcome to the LG customer support channel.

  • Your LG smart range comes equipped with a smart diagnosis system.

  • In this video we'll explain what smart diagnosis is, and how you can use it with your smartphone.

  • The smart diagnosis system or STS allows you to troubleshoot your clients without the need to call and schedule a visit from the service technician.

  • SDS equipped appliances can transmit an audible digital signal that our smart phone app can record and analyze.

  • The diagnosis signal can be transmitted and analyzed over Wi-Fi as well.

  • After diagnosis, the phone app will provide you with troubleshooting steps based on the information transmitted by the appliance.

  • If you notice anything unusual about your new range or feel that it's not performing as it should you can use the STS to check for any errors without having to place a call to the service center.

  • To perform the diagnosis, you'll have 2 options.

  • A Wi-Fi Diagnosis, or an Audible Diagnosis.

  • When performing either method, make sure that the range is not in use and that the unit is cooled to room temperature.

  • First, the Wi-Fi option.

  • This option is the easiest method of the 2.

  • The signal from your smart range is transmitted over your home wireless network and our servers analyze the signal to diagnose any issues and then relay that information to your smart phone app.

  • To use the Wi-Fi diagnosis, open up the LG smart range app and then open the smart diagnosis feature.

  • You can read the brief description and press ok.

  • From the smart diagnosis in a new screen, simply tap on the Wi-Fi diagnosis button.

  • This will initiate the transmission from your oven range and begin to analyze the signal.

  • Once the analysis is complete, your phone will display any issues it has recognized.

  • To use this feature over Wi-Fi, make sure that your range and that your home wireless network are properly connected.

  • Another option for diagnosis is the Audible option.

  • This option does not require a Wi-Fi signal.

  • The analysis of the transmitted signal will be done within your phone app.

  • To use this feature, go to the smart diagnosis menu screen on your phone.

  • Then tap on the Audible diagnosis button.

  • This will bring up the recording screen.

  • Then position the phone close to the products control panel and press and hold 7 on the keypad.

  • At the same time, tap the record button on your phone.

  • Your smart range will transmit a signal tone similar to a dial-up modem.

  • This signal will be transmitted for approximately 15 seconds.

  • If you miss part of the signal or the recording is affected by ambient noise, you can always try again.

  • After performing either diagnosis method, if SDS does not find anything wrong , but you would still like more information, you can consult your LG smart range owner's manual for operating and troubleshooting tips.

  • The manual and additional support can be found online at www. lg. com/usJust search for the model number of your range in the support section.

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