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LG TV - Wall Mounting HDTV / webOS / Netcast Video

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LG TV - Wall Mounting HDTV / webOS / Netcast Video
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LG TV - Wall Mounting HDTV / webOS / Netcast Video

  • The sleek design of your LG TV makes it ideal for wall mounting.

  • Of course doing it right takes a little time in preparation.

  • And you'll definitely need a good friend for the final steps.

  • First things first, you want to choose the correct wall mount for your new TV.

  • The LG Easy Slim wall mount is a fine choice available at

  • Top-quality wall mounts are also available at your favorite retailer.

  • You just want to make sure that they meet the VESA standards for quality and safety.

  • And that they're the correct size for your screen dimensions.

  • Depending on where you're planning to hang your TV.

  • Consider this, do you want to be able to swivel the TV left and right? Do you want it to tilt up and down?

  • A big factor if your love watching TV from various positions, make sure your bracket choice matches your needs.

  • So what's the best height for hanging? Ideally the middle of the screen should be eye level when you're seated.

  • Menu prefer a TV height that's eye level when they're standing, but too high can be a real pain in the neck when you're seated. And that's the way you usually watch TV.

  • Okay, let's get going. First step, lay your TV on a flat protected surface to avoid any scratching.

  • You want to attach the bracket components that go on your TV.

  • So use a screwdriver to remove the mounting hole covers. easy enough.

  • Now we've got to loosely attach the bracket portion that will go on the wall.

  • In order to measure exact top and bottom distances.

  • Another major consideration, you want to drill your wall bracket into wooden studs to make sure your TV is securely mounted.

  • Tapping on the wall until you hear a solid thump, it's hit or miss.

  • A stud finder is your best bet and a wise investment.

  • Of course while construction can vary: brick, solid concrete, and concrete block walls requires special wall anchors.

  • So be sure to start off right.

  • And always use a level to make certain that the bracket is on an even keel before attaching it to the wall.

  • Of course nothing compares with the wall mount where all the wires are hidden.

  • So here's the essence of what you have to do.

  • Make a hole in your wall for the HDMI cable, one behind the bracket one near the baseboard at the bottom.

  • As far as hiding the power cord, your safest route is to install the outlet behind the TV.

  • Wires in or out the final hanging step is a two-person job.

  • And there it is your LG TV.

  • Find out that everyone can agree on.
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