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Oven Heating Issues - LG Range

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Oven Heating Issues - LG Range
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Oven Heating Issues - LG Range

  • If you feel that your LG oven range is under cooking, over cooking, or not heating here are some troubleshooting steps to help resolve some of the performance issues before calling for service.

  • Note, your unit comes properly calibrated. Store bought thermometers are not recommended to measure oven temperatures accurately.

  • Recipe times and temperatures may differ because of the cooking profiles on your new LG range, when compared to your old brand.

  • Adjust your cooking needs. Accordingly to know approximately how long it takes to cook your food with your new LG oven range. To adjust the oven temperature to best fit your cooking needs.

  • Raise or lower the oven’s thermostat by 0 to 35℉ degrees.

  • Adjust the oven’s thermostat in increments of 5℉ degrees until your desired cooking temperature is set.

  • To adjust the thermostat, press the Settings button repeatedly until AdJU appears in the display.

  • Then enter the amount by which you want to adjust the thermostat.

  • Press Settings repeatedly to toggle between + or -. And press Start to accept the change.

  • The control panel has several cooking mode, choose the settings that best fit your cooking needs.

  • Oven ranges with probate uses conventional and convection bake to different cooking methods.

  • They can result in different end results.

  • When using convection modes, please note that temperatures displayed have been Auto converted to the convection cooking modes. And will display a temperature 25℉ degrees lower than the temperature set.

  • You can go into the settings menu to turn off this feature. Rack position can also affect making performance.

  • Racks not properly in place can keep the door from closing causing hot air to escape and under cooking food.

  • When possible adjust oven racks before using the oven. And always wear oven mitts if adjusting racks while the oven is on.

  • A baking chart with food type oven temperature and rack position can be found in the manual that comes with your range.

  • It is also recommended that proper cookware is used when making.

  • Metal cookware it tends to produce darker food.

  • Please follow recipe instructions as directed and preheat the oven when necessary.

  • Not preheating your oven can also result in undercooked food.

  • If using a gas oven range, make sure that the oven gas shut OFF valve located behind the range is fully open.

  • And the unit is properly leveled, an unleveled, or tilted range may cause uneven baking results.

  • If you were unable to resolve your cooking performance issues with these troubleshooting steps run a smart diagnosis scan using the tagging function on your Android smartphone.

  • To learn more and how to set up, activate and use smart diagnosis.

  • Be sure to watch the LG range with probate tag on feature video.

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