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Setting Up webOS 1.0 or webOS 2.0

  • Installation
Initial webOS Setup - webOS

When your Smart+ TV is powered on for the first time, you must initialize webOS.

First Time Setup - Walkthrough

Meet Bean Bird, he'll help with the setup.
First, wake up Bean Bird by clicking on him.
Set your location details, then click OK.
Bean Bird should find you now!
Next, connect to your home network. If you don't have a home network or if you aren't sure of the password, you can skip this step (we'll see how later).
If you try to connect to your network and something goes wrong, you'll see this screen. Click Try Again.
If you successfully join your home network, Bean Bird will be very happy!
If you needed to skip your network step, you can move the pointer to the bottom of the screen and choose to Skip This Step.
Answer these general questions to get the Live TV setup started.
If you have a Set-Top Box, fill in the information about it here. A Set-Top Box is an external cable box/satellite receiver.
Try to change the channel or access the menu to determine if the TV is properly controlling the Set-Top Box.
If the Set-Top Box setup didn't work, you'll see this screen. Try the Troubleshooting steps shown on the screen, then click Try Again.
Once the Set-Top Box setup is complete, you'll be greeted again by a happy Bean Bird!
If you have an antenna attached to the TV, you'll see this screen.
After a Channel Search, your antenna is set up.
Next, read through the Legal Notice and click Next.
You'll need to Accept the User Agreements for access to all of the Smart functions. If you choose Later, you will be prompted to accept before using an app or service that requires compliance.
After one more set of User Agreements, you're almost done!
This is a summary of everything you set up. Once you click Done, you can start using your new webOS TV!
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