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Smart AC with WiFi

  • Operation

Introductory paragraph here.

  • Android:

    1. Open the Google Play Store

      Google Play Store

    2. Search "LG Smart AC"

      Smart AC

    3. Install the App

      app installed


    1. Open the App Store

      app store

    2. Search "LG Smart AC"

      smart ac

    3. Install the App

      installed app

    1. Open the application on the phone

      open the app

    2. Click Sign Up (bottom of screen)

      sign up

    3. You will be directed to the Smart ThinQ Website

      smarthinq webste

    4. Agree to Terms

      agree to terms inside the agreement paghe

    5. Create User Name and Password, then click Subscribe.

      create credentials

    6. You will receive a confirmation request by e-mail.


    7. Upon clicking Confirm, you will receive authentication notice.


    8. Once complete, you can login and register the air conditioner

      air conditioner


    Note: You must active the Wi-Fi on the AC in order to register the product:

    register the product

    Failure to do so will result in an error message when attempting to register the product through the app:

    register the app
  • The air conditioner can ONLY be registered through the smart phone app!

    1. Login to the APP to register the air conditioner.

      register ac

    2. If the Wi-Fi on the A/C is not active, the app will display a prompt to activate the Wi-Fi.

      activate wi-fi

    3. To activate the Wi-Fi on the A/C, you must press and hold the Fan Speed and Mode buttons on the REMOTE CONTROL for 2 seconds.

      fan speed

    4. The Wi-Fi indicator on the A/C display will light up when it is active.

      wifi indicator

    5. Once the app recognizes the Wi-Fi signal from the A/C, you can register the unit.
  • Turn the A/C power on and off using the power switch in the app:

    turn off ac
  • In Cool Mode, the Mode Icon is blue. Adjust the Fan Speed from Low to Medium to High, or set it to Auto:

    cool mode

    Adjust the temperature by scrolling up or down on the temperature wheel:

    temperature wheel
  • In Dry Mode, the Mode Icon is purple. Adjust the Fan Speed from Low to Medium to High, or set it to Auto:

    dry mode

    The temperature cannot be adjusted in Dry Mode.

  • In Energy Saver Mode, the Mode Icon is green. Adjust the Temperature up or down and the Fan Speed from Low to Medium to High:

    energy saver mode

    In this mode, the fan will cycle on and off when the compressor is not running. This is to reduce energy consumption by not running the fan, however, the fan comes on every couple of minutes to check the air temperature. Once it determines it needs to cool again, the compressor will turn back on and the fan will continue to run.

  • In Fan Mode, the Mode Icon is teal or aqua (blueish-green). Adjust the Fan Speed from Low to Medium to High:

    fan speed

    The temperature cannot be adjusted in Fan Mode. Auto fan speed is not available in this mode.

  • Select Details to access options, such as Auto-Clean, Air Flow, Reservation, and Schedule:

    auto clean

    Air Flow allows Auto to be turned on or off:

    air flow

    Reservation acts as the TIMER, turning the air conditioner on or off at a specific time. It must be set each time, as it is not recurring.


    Schedule can be programmed to turn the unit or off at recurring times, on specific days of the week.


    Programmed schedules can be turned on or off:

    programmed schedules

    An existing schedule can be edited:

    existing schedule

    An existing schedule can be deleted:

    schedule delete
  • p>Favorites allows you to save the mode and settings of frequently used operations. You can new ones or edit existing ones.


  • The Settings Menu provides access to multiple items and is split up into groups: General, Account, Help, and About.

    General contains the registration screen and the option to change the temperature display from Fahrenheit to Celsius:

    farenheit to celcius

    Account gives access to signing in, managing the user list, and deactivating the account:

    deactivate account

    The Help section provides access to the user guide:

    access guide

    In About, details of the application are provided including the software version:

    software version


The LG Smart AC uses Wi-Fi that allows the user to control the unit with the corresponding LG mobile app. To use the Wi-Fi and app, the Smart AC must be registered on the Smart ThinQ website.

    • Android OS 4.0 or higher at 320 x 480 or higher screen resolution
    • iOS 6 or higher at 960 x 640 or higher screen resolution

    Phones below this minimum specification cannot operate the unit.

    Some phones meeting the above criteria may not operate every function of the unit. This may result from hardware and software variations depending.

    • Other routers may not support the Wi-Fi application.
    • The above models are optimized for the Wi-Fi service, but any cell phone that does not meet the minimum system requirements will not be able to run the program.

    Note: The Wi-Fi app is only compatible with smart phones and is not available for laptops or tablets.


This section is only for troubleshooting the Wi-Fi feature of the air conditioner. Select from the following symptoms:

  • This may be the result of not having agreed to the service terms. To correct, sign in at and agree to the terms:


    If still unable to register the e-mail address use the Forgot Password option to retrieve it:

    email address
  • To retrieve a lost or forgotten password:

    1. Tap the Forgot Password button in the app.
    2. Enter the e-mail address and tap the Reset Password button
    3. A temporary password will be sent to the e-mail address.

    temporary email

    To change the password:

    1. Type into a web browser on your phone.
    2. Tap the My ThinQ button and sign in.
    3. Tap the Menu button in the upper-right corner, then tap My ThinQ.
    4. Tap the Change Password button and enter the new password.

    change password

  • "No Products Matched" message may display if the smart phone is set to disconnect Wi-Fi when the internet is unavailable. This is a phone setting, found under the Wi-Fi Menu Option:

    1. "No Products Matched" pop-up occurs
    2. Tap the Wi_Fi button in the phone's settings
    3. Press the Option hard key, then tap Advanced Wi-Fi button
    4. Uncheck Internet Unavailable

    internet not available

    NOTE: Advanced Wi-Fi Menu varies according to the phone brand and carrier. If unable to locate this menu, look for any setting that automatically turns off Wi-Fi.

  • If unable to see the wireless router in the Wi-Fi list, check the wireless router is compatible. If it is, check the wireless router settings:

    1. Check if the wireless router is set to "hidden network" or "ssid don't broadcast"
    2. Make sure the router is powered on
    3. Verify the password of the wireless router
    4. If the wireless router is too far from the A/C, it may need to be moved closer or a signal amplifier installed
    1. If unable to use the LG Smart App and a message displays "Product is not connected to server", make certain the A/C's Wi-Fi is on:

      connect to server

      After registering the product, the Wi-Fi LED turns on in about 1 minute.

    2. Check the wireless router:
      • Make sure the router is turned on
      • Verify the password of the wireless router
      • If the A/C is not within range of the router, move the router or consider installing a signal amplifier

    3. Register the A/C again, to confirm it went through.

      If still unable to connect and/or still receiving the "Product is not connected to server" message:

      1. Verify the smart phone can use the internet thorough the wireless router connection
      2. Check the range of the router. If the product is outside of the router's broadcasting range it may be necessary to move the router or install an amplifier. Wi-Fi communication is affected and made unstable by distance, obstacles, and other interference.
      3. Check the wireless router signal strength. To ensure proper connectivity, it should be higher than 3:
      4. change router signal

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