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Smartphone Apps For The LG NAS (MyData)

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How to use the LG MyData and File Manager Smartphone apps with an LG NAS - LG Consumer Knowledge Base

 Smartphone Apps For The LG NAS


LG provides two free applications for smartphones that allow you to remotely access the files on your LG NAS device. The apps are called MyData and File Manager . There are versions available for Android and iOS (iPhone).
Note: Your NAS will require the firmware that was released in April (or later) to work with these apps.
MyData is the main app that you will most likely want to use most of the time. It uses the DLNA server on the NAS to allow you access to your files over the Internet.
Note: The MyData app will only access folders that you have shared in the DLNA server menu of the NAS. It uses port 49815.
The File Manager app uses FTP to communicate and operates like a traditional FTP program.
Note: The File Manager app will only access folders that you have given FTP permissions in the folder setup menu of the NAS.
To start using the apps, download and install the 2 apps from android Market or iTunes.
MyData Instructions
Open MyData .
Now click Setting -> Account -> My LG NAS.


Enter your Domain Name, ID and password. Then click Save.
Now you can play videos or music. Or view Photos. This app allows you to play files that are located on your phone or on your NAS. MyData defaults to showing files on your phone.


Click the bottom left icon to switch between viewing files from your phone or from your LG NAS.
File Manager Instructions
File Manager can be opened by clicking the app icon on your phone or by clicking the File Manager button on the MyData home screen.

Click Add NAS Manually.
Enter your domain name, username, password, and then click input. If you only want to access files while on your local network, you may click the Local NAS discovery to automatically setup a connection.
Now click the server you wish to connect to.

Then click Connect and Confirm.
LG File Manager will then show all of the files and folders that you have assigned FTP permissions.

To download files, check mark the ones you wish to download. Click your phones Menu button and then choose download.
The files will download to a folder in your phone’s Gallery named LG_NAS.
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