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TV - Channel Tune

Channel Tune - TV

This article is regarding issues with tunning your TV chanells.

  1. Connection Type

    Are you using an antenna, or a cable box?

    Cable Box Antenna
  2. Connection Check

    • If you are using a coaxial connection directly from the wall to the cable box, ensure the cable is tightly and securely screwed into both the box and the wall.

    • Ensure the television is tuned to channel 3 or 4 to receive the stations.

    • In order for your TV to find any stations, you must first be using the TV’s tuner and not a cable box. If a cable box is in use you will need to contact your cable/satellite service provider for further assistance.

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  3. Connection Check

    1. Locate the closest tower, and align your antenna if it is not omnidirectional.

      Note: You can locate the closest Broadcasting Tower online.

    2. Check that the coaxial connections are securely tightened, and that the cable is not frayed in any way.

    3. If you are using a splitter, please remove it and try again. A splitter can cause interference with the antenna signal.

    4. Try the connection on another TV to see if it is the coaxial cable or the TV causing the issue.

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  4. Antenna Type

    • The type of antenna you have could make a major difference on what channels you receive or whether you receive any at all.

    • Ensure that your antenna uses the same frequency band (UHF or VHF) as the broadcasting tower you want channels from.

      Note: Some antennas support either one frequency, or both.

    • Ensure that the antenna you are using supports the range between your location and the broadcasting tower.

    • Our Recommendations
      • For less than 35 miles: Indoor Antenna
      • For less than 50 miles: Indoor Antenna w/Booster
      • For more than 60 miles: Outdoor
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  5. Problem Persisting

    I'm sorry we are not able to resolve your issue here. We recommend having your device troubleshooted by a customer service representative.

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