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TV - Cracked Screen

  • Repair
TV Cracked Screen

Details Regarding This Type of Issue:

I’m sorry to hear about the issue you're experiencing. This symptom requires technical support.

It appears your device may be outside of warranty or may have a defect that is not covered by the Limited Warranty. However, we're still here to help.

LG offers a one year Limited Warranty on our TV's that begins on the Date of Purchase. This Limited Warranty does not cover physical, liquid, or cosmetic damages. If your device does not meet all warranty requirements, a repair cost may be applied. Actual cost is dependent upon any uncovered damage and this damage cannot be determined until the equipment is assessed by our repair technicians.

Please visit your preferred shipping facility to send your device to our repair center. Shipping instructions will be sent to you via email once you complete your repair request. Shipping rates will apply.

How the Repair Process Works for TV's:

  • Create a repair case on line or call customer service

  • You will be solely responsible for all charges associated with cosmetic and consumable parts and TV panel

  • If your TV is larger than 33" it will require an On-Site repair.

  • On-Site Process:

    • A factory trained LG Direct Service Technician will provide Out-of-Warranty Repair Service for your LG Product.

    • You will need to schedule an appointment to have an LG Direct Service Technician repair your device.

  • Shipping Process:

    • Repair time will take about 2 weeks from the day the unit is shipped (including shipping time).

    • Any information on the unit will be lost.

    • Do not send:

      • Accessories (Remote, Video Cables, Power Cables)

Note: If any payment is needed, you will be contacted before any repairs are done.

Note: You will be responsible for shipping charges associated with sending your device to our repair center.

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