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Operation Cell Phones Last Updated 08/28/2015

We are pleased to announce the software upgrade to VS920ZV9 is now available for the LG Spectrum. This software upgrade includes important enhancements to improve performance.

  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps  > Settings  > About phone

  2. Tap Software information.

  3. View the current software under Software version.


  1. Fully charge the battery.

  2. Save any important data before updating the software on your device. Any data not saved to a PC may be erased; i.e. contacts, images, etc. To backup your data, connect your phone to a PC via the USB cable. After connecting, select Media sync (MTP) mode on your phone. Copy personal folders to your PC, i.e. DCIM (photos, videos), Downloads, Music, etc.

    You may also download a third party backup solution using the Play Store on your device.

Note: Calling and messaging functions are not available during the update process. The entire upgrade process varies depending on software package size and your internet connection speed.

Software Update

  1. When a software update is available, the device gets the FOTA notification from the server, but user does not know when server will send it.

  2. Once the download is complete you will be prompted to update. Select Apply update to begin.

Note: If you do nothing the update will automatically start in 3 minutes.

  1. Your phone will restart in software update mode. A progress bar will display your upgrade progress under an animation of an android.

  2. When the upgrade is complete, your phone will restart. Once your phone has powered on you will be notified that the software update successfully installed. Tap OK to close the notification.

Note: Depending on your phones software version you may need to repeat the software upgrade until your final software version is VS920ZV9.

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