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    Error Codes - Dehumidifier
    Error Codes - DehumidifierSelect the error code that is showing on the dehumidifier's display for the appropriate troubleshooting steps:CH 24 Error Code CH 67 Error Code CH 01/02/03 Error CodeCH 24 Error CodeA CH 24 error code indicates a p...
  • Operation
    LG Dehumidifier - General Usage
  • Operation
    Operating your dehumidifier
    Buttons Dehumidifying Setting the Timer Power onPress Power Button to turn on the power.It takes 30 minutes of continuous operation to reach the desired humidity level the first time the product is used.The display shows the current humid...
  • Troubleshooting
    Dehumidifier Installation
  • Operation
    LG Account Management - creating LG user accounts
    LG provides online support for customers through two separate and distinct Account types:Note: The user accounts for Product Registration/MyLG and LG Smart World are not interchangeable. Each account must be set up separately.MyLG Product R...
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