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LG Range - Warming Drawer

Operation Cooking Appliances Last Updated 12/21/2018
LG Range - Warming Drawer
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LG Range - Warming Drawer

  • The warming drawer on your LG electric range is designed to provide you the flexibility to keep your prepared foods hot for extended periods of time.

  • Before using the warming drawer area there are several things you should know for optimal performance.

  • Never use the warming drawer to cook or heat your food.

  • Do NOT line the inside of the warming drawer with foil doing so can cause damage to the unit.

  • Never use plastic wrap anywhere in the drawer or to cover foods being kept warm.

  • Do NOT use the warming drawer to keep liquids hot. Spills could potentially cause an electric hazard. Refrain from using the warming drawer for storage when not in use. Stored items could inadvertently cause damage to the heating element.

  • If a warming drawer is left on for over 3 hours, it will automatically turn off.

  • To set the warming drawer for use, you must select the warming drawer temperature.

  • To do so press the Warming Drawer Set/Off button then press the number 1 for low, 2 for medium, or 3 for high.

  • Once you have selected a temperature the warming drawer will turn on. For recommended temperature settings based on the foods you are keeping warm consult your owner’s manual.

  • An icon will appear to the right of your clock on the display to indicate that the warming drawer is on.

  • Foods that are being kept warm in the warming drawer should always be covered with aluminum foil or an oven safe lid to retain moisture.

  • It is also recommended that you use the warming drawer rack and that foods be placed as close to the center of the warming drawer as possible during operation for optimal performance.

  • To turn off the warming drawer when finished simply press the Warming Drawer Set/Off.

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