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LG OTR Microwave Oven - General Noises

Operation Cooking Appliances Last Updated 10/10/2018

LG OTR Microwave Oven - General Noises

When suing your Over-The-Range microwave oven, you may notice some common sounds during it’s normal operations these sounds may be from various sources.

In this video, we will walk through these most common sounds.

The turntable located here on the bottom of the microwave cavity rotates to help keep the food evenly.

It’s normal for grease and good particles to build up around the turntable and wheels which could cause some noises.

Properly maintain your turntable and roller rings by removing and cleaning them with warm water and soap using a soft towel or sponge.

Make sure they are completely dry before properly reinserting them back onto place.

Incorrect positioning may also cause noise.

While cooking you will notice a slight humming coming out of your microwave oven, this humming is completely normal and is caused by the MAGRETRON which emits microwaves that cook your food.

Depending on your power setting, the magnetron will cycle on and off therefore the humming sound will be intermittent.

Your Over-The-Range microwave oven has a fan that will remove the smoke from the cooktop but also to cool the electronics in your microwave.

Depending on which LG model you own, the fan may automatically start during the use of the microwave oven to cool the electronics creating a fan noise.

This is also completely normal.

Sometimes your microwave chassis may not be completely flushed to the cabinets this can cause a slight vibration and noise, if bolts screws and mounting brackets are firmly installed this too can cause noise from the vibration.

When cooking greasy or fatty foods, the heat generated in the microwave oven from cooking greasy or fatty foods will cause the food to pop and splatter. Make sure to cover these items properly to help reduce any unwanted build up.

LG makes it convenient to cook your meals when you are on the go and when time is limited.

Thank you for watching our customer support video we hope you enjoy your LG experience.

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