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LG Range - EasyClean™ FAQ

Operation Cooking Appliances Last Updated 10/10/2018

LG Range - EasyClean™ FAQ

The next generation of oven cleaning.

Easy clean provides a quick and easy way to clean your oven.

The easy clean feature is designed to be a new cleaning alternative to self-clean that uses low heat, no chemicals and allows your oven to be cleaned in just minutes.

Thanks to LG's innovative enamel technology easy clean works in three simple steps.

Spray the interior of the oven you want to clean with water.

Press Easy Clean for the selected oven cavity and press Start after 20minutes clean the inside of the oven by hand.

Easy clean uses low temperatures and water to loosen the soils in your oven so that the soils can be scrubbed away easily.

The advantages of the Easy Clean feature are that it is smoke and odor free and requires only water as a cleaning agent instead of harsh chemicals when compared to self-clean.

It saves you time and energy by reducing the heating cycle from hours to just 20minuets for butter cleaning performance with Easy Clean.

We recommend that you use the kit provided with your range which includes a plastic scraper, spray bottle, soft sponge and a non-abrasive scouring pad.

If you don't have the cleaning kit you can use similar supplies that you may have at home.

Easy Clean can be performed as often as you wish it works best when your oven is lightly soiled from things such as light grease splatter and small spots of melted cheese.

The Easy Clean feature works best when the soils are fully soaked and submerged in water before running the cycle and during hand cleaning. if soils are not sufficiently soaked in water.

It can affect the cleaning performance repeat the Easy Clean process using sufficient water sugar based and certain grease oils are especially hard to clean if some stubborn soils remain use a self-cleaning feature to thoroughly clean your oven.

The remaining water after the Easy Clean cycle should not be wiped up before cleaning if soils aren't submerged or soaked in water after the easy clean cycle then more water should be added to fully soak them scraping the soils with a plastic scraper before and during cleaning is also recommended. However certain types of soils are harder to clean than others for these stubborn soils the self-clean cycle is recommended.

Yes, the convection fan broiler burner or heater element may get a little wet during the prep stage and also during cleaning. However direct spray onto the fan Royall burner or heater element is not necessary.

It is highly recommended that one cup 8oz of water be sprayed or poured onto the bottom of the oven cavity and an additional quarter cup of water be sprayed on walls and other swirled areas to fully saturate the soils for buttered cleaning performance the markings on the spray bottle provided with the range can be used as a guide when using the Easy Clean feature.

This is normal, this is not smoke it is actually water vapor from the water in the oven cavity as the oven heats briefly during Easy Clean.

The water in the cavity evaporate and escapes through the oven vent.

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