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LG OTR Microwave Oven - How to Use Basic Features

Operation Cooking Appliances Last Updated 12/21/2018
LG OTR Microwave Oven - How to Use Basic Features
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LG OTR Microwave Oven - How to Use Basic Features

  • In this video we will explain how some feature on your LG Over-The-Range microwave oven can help with your cooking needs.

  • Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or need an alarm to set a reminder.

  • Your Over-The-Range microwave oven is equipped with the timer feature you can utilize this function by simply pressing timer button located on the keypad.

  • Enter your desired countdown time.

  • Let’s say 5 minutes for example, enter numbers 5, 0, 0, and press Start.

  • Your microwave oven will beep after the 5minutes countdown to notify you that time is up.

  • If you want to utilize the timer function while cooking with your microwave oven, select the Timer button, set the countdown time, and press Start.

  • You can toggle back and forth between the cooking and timer display by pressing or holding the Timer button.

  • Certain models will have a Timer ON/OFF button allowing you to turn off the timer without cancelling the cooking cycle.

  • After setting the countdown time, then toggling back to cooking display.

  • To cancel the timer, select the Time ON/OFF button once more cancelling the timer without interrupting the cooking cycle.

  • When you want to start heating your food quickly at maximum power setting, you can use EZ-ON feature of your microwave oven.

  • This feature can be activated pressing by EZ-ON button which automatically start the microwave oven at full power for 30 seconds.

  • You can toggle the EZ-ON button to extend the remaining cooking time by 30 seconds.

  • When you’re heating something in the microwave oven and feel that it may need some additional cook time or if the cook time you set was too long.

  • You can use the +, - buttons to adjust the cooking time. Once started, press the + button to add another 10 seconds to the cook time. Or press the – button to subtract 10 seconds from the remaining cook time.

  • By simply utilizing these equipped features properly.


  • You will come to learn how easy cooking with our LG Over-The-Range of microwave oven can be.

  • Thank you for watching our customer support video.

  • We hope you enjoy your LG experience.

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