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LG OTR - Sensor Cooking

Operation Cooking Appliances Last Updated 10/10/2018
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Sensor Cooking - OTR

LG OTR - Sensor Cooking

Sensor cook and sent to reheat options allow you to cook or reheat most of your favorite foods without selecting cooking times and power levels for best results.

Always placed a food item onto the center of your dried microwave-safe dish and cover loosely or use a dry vented lid for proper sensor operation make sure not to completely cover your food and ventilate any sealed food item by poking a plastic and even spacing or peel it back to cover the food loosely to use the sensor cook function.

 Select the sensor cook button on the control panel and then select the proper menu selection from the cooking guide label and press Start your microwave oven.

 Automatically determines required cooking time for this food item and other food in their respective categories as shown on the label posted in front of the microwave oven cavity towards the top.

When the internal sensor detects a certain amount of humidity coming from the food you’ve put into the microwave oven the internal sensors will tell the microwave oven how much longer to heat and the display will then show the remaining.

Not open the door or touch the stop clear button during the sense of time when sensing time is over the unit will be the display one that will then indicate the end of the cut cycle at this time you can open the door to stir turn rearranged the food if required if your food is not completely cooked after using a center click function manually set your cook time for additional cooking improper ventilation food placement and not following the cooking guide label and result in undercooked food or sensor reheat the same directions apply set your food item into the microwave as before and select the sensor reheat button in your control panel and then select a proper menu selection from the cooking guide label and press Start these options and more can help make your cooking process more efficient.

Caution! Never leave your Over-The-Range microwave oven unattended while in use.

Thank you for watching our customer support video we hope you enjoy your LG experience.

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