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LG Top Load Washer - Proper Loading

Operation Laundry Accessories, Washer Dryer Combos, Washers Last Updated 11/15/2018
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LG Top Load Washer - Proper Loading
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LG Top Load Washer - Proper Loading

  • Follow these steps to properly load your top load washer.

  • Check around the unit and clear any obstructions always.

  • Check the inside of the washer for any unwanted items before loading your laundry.

  • Check all pockets, to make sure that they are empty. Loose change in objects could cause damage to your washer and clothes.

  • For optimum wash performance, LG recommends that you wash a few items in one load rather than a single piece of clothing to help prevent an out of balance load and reduce vibration.

  • To help prevent clumping and tangling, bass and zippers, hooks and draw strings, and wash the Malheur material items together.

  • Just place the load in as you would normally. The washer can be fully loaded but should not be tightly. Packed the washer lid should close easily.

  • When it comes to various size loads, large items should not be more than half of the total wash load. So when adding your items load, large items first.

  • For best results, large bulky items such as a blanket, pillow, stuffed animal comforter, or bedspread should be washed individually as well as waterproof items.

  • Buoyant and bulky items should be placed as far down in the tub as possible for best results.

  • The washer automatically detects load size. Because of the high-efficiency wash system, the water level may not completely cover the load so it may need less soap.

  • Check clothing care labels and detergent bottles for special instructions.

  • Caution! Do NOT reach into the washer while in operation. Press the Start/Pause button and allowed the drum to come to a complete stop before reaching inside to load, unload, or to add items.

  • If you are experiencing error codes, please watch our videos on Understanding Error Codes, and Top Load Balancing & UE message for the top load washer.

  • Thank you for watching our customer support video.

  • We hope you enjoy your LG experience.

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