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LG Dishwasher - Eliminating Odor

Operation Dishwashers Last Updated 12/04/2018
LG Dishwasher - Eliminating Odor
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LG Dishwasher - Eliminating Odor

  • This video we will show you how to help reduce or eliminate unwanted smells and odors from your LG dishwasher.

  • Before you begin, remove all dishware from the unit. Some orders may come from buildup in a dishwasher filters.

  • Follow these steps to clean your filter. The mesh filter is located underneath the lower rack.

  • To remove the filter, turn it counterclockwise and pull.

  • Remove any deposits left over by your dirty dishes and wash the filter thoroughly by hand.

  • Make sure to clean the inside of the filter to clear out any debris.

  • Next, with the mesh filter removed, lift the hard mesh filter and clean thoroughly by hand.

  • You are finished, place the hard mesh filter back in its place.

  • Then insert the mesh filter. Give it a clockwise turn to lock it firmly in place.The indicator arrows should match up.

  • If you notice unwanted orders a new dishwasher, even after your filters have been cleaned.

  • Follow these steps. Pour a full cup of white vinegar into a cup. Place it on the lower rack toward the center facing up.

  • Run a normal wash cycle. If you have recently purchased your LG dishwasher and experiencing a smell of burning plastic or rubber, make sure the packaging material was removed completely when installed.

  • It is normal for most new dishwasher units to carry the scent for the first 20 to 25 cycles.

  • Here are some tips to remember, always check for unseen food deposits or buildup.

  • Don't leave dirty dishware in your dishwasher unit for excessive amounts of time.

  • Remember to scrape off as much food grime before placing in your LG dishwasher.

  • Thank you for watching our customer support video.

  • Hope you enjoy your LG experience.


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