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LG Washer / Dryer - NFC Tag On Basic Operation

Operation Dryers, Washers Last Updated 02/12/2019
LG Washer / Dryer - NFC Tag On - Basic Operation
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LG Washer / Dryer - NFC Tag On - Basic Operation

  • LG’s tag on function uses new and innovative features to allow you to conveniently add news cycles, check the status of your appliance, or a diagnose your appliance all from your smartphone.

  • Before starting make sure your phone is equipped with NFC and enable a feature .

  • NFC is available in most of the newer Android smartphones.

  • The NFC feature can be activated on your smart phone by going to your phone settings menu.

  • In the wireless and networks menu, there should be a selection for NFC.

  • Some phones may be different.

  • So check with your owner’s manual to confirm if NFC is equipped with a phone and how to properly activate it.

  • Set both the NFC and direct Android Beam feature to on.

  • Within the NFC menu if one is available, make sure that the option to use read and write and also the P2P receive is set to on.

  • Once you have activated the NFC feature on your phone, open the LG laundry app and select the tag on feature.

  • After selecting the tagging function you want to use, the smartphone app will help you guide your phone for a successful tag on.

  • The pulsing white circle is the approximate location of the NFC antenna on your phone.

  • Align that to the tag on logo on your appliance.

  • The NFC antenna is located in the back of your phone, so it is important to have your phone as close to the tag on logo as possible.

  • It is acceptable to touch the back of the phone to the tag on logo.

  • After a successful tag, the results will be displayed on the smart phone app.

  • If there is no response move the phone around until the tag on is success.

  • Note: Location of the NFC antenna may vary by phone model.

  • Please refer to your owner’s manual for more information.

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