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LG Electric Dryer - 3 Wire Installation

Operation Dryers Last Updated 10/10/2018
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LG Electric Dryer - Installation 3 wire

LG Electric Dryer - 3 Wire Installation

LG makes it easy to properly install and setup your new electric dryer.

This video will take you through the step-by-step process, so you can start using the money features your LG dryer has to offer.

Place the unit where it is to be installed leaving the back exposed to be safe. Make sure that the cord is not plugged in and turn the breaker off that connects to your laundry outlet. During installation you can also refer to the insulation diagram provided for you located near the terminal. Remove the screws holding the terminal block access cover and pull off the excess cover.

Install a strain relief into the power cord through hole and then thread the three wire power cord through the strain relief.

A cord strain relief is required to prevent accidental pulled from the unit.

You will notice a black white and red wire connected to the terminal block and a white ground wire connected on the green screw mount.

Remove the bottom row of screws for each block but leave the green ground screw and wire in place match the other colored wires to they're coordinating terminal blocks and screw each wire on tightly with no gap or slack.

Screw the access cover back into place plug your new LG dryer into the outlet and you are all ready to go

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