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Using the Dryer Rack - LG Dryer

Operation Dryers Last Updated 07/10/2018

Did you know? Are you interested in adding a Dryer Rack to your LG Dryer? Visit our LG Dryer Racks? page to learn more.

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LG accessory drying rack is ideal for items that should not be tumble dried such as wool sweaters, silk and anything that you dry flat, such as gym shoes or stuffed animals.

  1. To install the drying rack, open the dryer door and slide the rack into the dryer drum.

  2. The rear legs should rest on the stationary back wall of the drum.

  3. Make sure the rack is resting properly inside the drum.

  4. To install the drying rack, open the dryer door and slide the rack into the dryer drum.

  5. It is important that the rack is properly mounted because the drum will be rotating during the cycle.

  6. Do not overlap items that need to be dried on the rack. This will reduce the drying performance.

  7. Make sure the garments are completely on the rack. Any parts hanging over the edge of the rack could be contacted by the rotating drum, which could result in damage.

  8. Remember to never use the rack while clothes are tumbling in the tub.

  9. While some dryers come with the rack dry cycle, you can also use other cycles available to suit your particular needs. However, it is recommended that you use a lower temperature setting because the clothes are not tumbling and could become overheated if the setting is too high.

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