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Drum does not spin, spin cycle is loud or starts and stops

Troubleshooting Laundry Accessories, Washer Dryer Combos, Washers Last Updated 02/01/2019
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Drum does not spin, spin cycle is loud or starts and stops



  • Drum does not spin, spin cycle is loud or starts and stops, UE error code. Front Loading Washer.

  • If the laundry I the drum is not evenly distributed, the drum may tilt while rotating at high speeds during the spin cycle, resulting in excessive vibration and noise.

  • To avoid damage, the washer is designed with an automatic unbalance correction function which attempts to redistribute the clothes if it senses an unbalanced load during high-speed spin cycles.

  • During this process, the washer may reverse the spin direction repeatedly to evenly distribute the load.

  • The drum then starts spinning slowly and gradually speeds up.

  • If an unbalanced load is still detected, the drum stops spinning and repeats the process until the load is evenly distributed.

  • The spin cycle may be noisy when this occurs, and it may seem like the spin cycle is not working properly.

  • Note: the time shown may vary by model and cycle.

  • The remaining time in the display may stay the same while the unbalance is being corrected, or a UE error code may be displayed.

  • The automatic unbalance correction is normal and helps to prevent damage to the appliance.

  • So you don't have to worry about these sounds when using the product.

  • Unbalanced loads may be caused by washing large or bulky items, a small load or single mesh bag, pillows, floor cushions, electric blankets, or rubber mats.

  • In some cases, adding a couple of towels to the load can make the spin cycle run more smoothly.

  • When washing large load like blankets or quilts, the items may be too heavy to spread out evenly in the drum.

  • Wash bulky items like blankets individually, and add a few towels to help balance the load.

  • Choose the bulky or bedding cycle*, and don't fold or roll up the blanket when loading it in the washer.

  • Note: the name of the appropriate cycle may vary by model.

  • To wash bulky pillows and floor cushions, remove the inserts first and wash the covers only.

  • Do not place carpets and floor mats, electric blankets, or rubber mats in the washer.

  • Do not use the washer for waterproof items or bulky items that are heavier on one side than the other.

  • Washing a small load, or loading items in mesh wash bags, can cause difficulties because the load cannot distribute itself evenly around the drum during the spin cycle.

  • Adding a couple of towels to the load will help keep it balanced during the spin cycle.

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