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LG TV - Smart Share (webOS 1.0)

Operation TV Audio Video Accessories, TVs Last Updated 12/21/2018
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Smart Share - webOS 1.0 Video

LG TV - Smart Share (webOS 1.0)
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LG TV - Smart Share (webOS 1.0)

  • With LG smart share you can discover new and exciting ways to enjoy your videos, movies, and music from your smartphone, tablet, PC, and more on your LG smart TV with webOS.

  • To get started, press the home button on the magic remote.

  • Then navigate to the right of the launcher to find the smart share icon then click it.

  • Or simply press the microphone button and say smart share, Here on the main smart share screen, you'll have access to your available photos, videos, and music across all of your connected devices.

  • Photos are first on the list, so you'll see those right away.

  • Along with these small gray control buttons here on the right, Photo Story displays your images in an animated slideshow with built-in music.

  • Play selection lets you control playback. While device selection allows you to choose which connected location you're sharing content from.

  • The trusty device connector here is how you link to a smartphone or tablet PC or USB Drive for use with your LG Smart TV.

  • So click on that. Then click on the type of device you want to connect.

  • Select PC, and you'll see that there are 2 options.

  • Screen Share which displays the screen image of your PC on your Smart TV, and Content Share which will playback on the TV content that you have stored on the PC.

  • Click Content Share, and you'll be asked how you wish to connect via your wired or wireless network or via Wi-Fi direct.

  • For network connection, follow the on-screen directions including how to download and install the free LG Smart Share application which is necessary if you want to use smart share with a PC.

  • If you're using a Wi-Fi direct laptop, the TV will scan for Wi-Fi direct devices within range.

  • And if none are found, you'll be invited to go to the setup page.

  • So follow those on-screen directions. Just make sure your PC is Wi-Fi direct enabled and that this feature is turned on.

  • To use Screen Shared, click on it and you'll be given different set of connectivity options.

  • Wired, you can choose HDMI adapting from DVI if needed.

  • Click on the appropriate format for your needs, then select which port on the TV you plan to use.

  • Wireless, you can choose from WIDI which uses Intel's exclusive wireless display technology on PCs.

  • Or Miracast which wirelessly mirrors your device's screen and sound on the TV.

  • Be sure to follow the on-screen instructions. Back in the device connector click on smart phone for compatible Android smartphones and tablets, you'll need to download and install the free smart share app from the Google Play Store which imports all of your compatible content before it can be shared.

  • To connect for Screen Share, click on it.

  • And next you can choose between MHL a mobile friendly HDMI cable compatible with HDMI port3 specifically on new LG Smart TVs.

  • Or Miracast, if your phone supports this feature.

  • After you make your choice click through and follow the on-screen instructions keeping in mind that Screen Share works best with a 5 Giga hertz wireless router.

  • To connect your smartphone for Content Share, click on that.

  • And you'll see the same wired LAN Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi direct option is for the PC connection earlier.

  • On the screen with your smart phone task selections, you'll also see TV control which lets you use your phone as a remote control when you download and install the free LG TV remote webOS app.

  • To share content from external storage such as a thumb drive, you can bypass the device connector and just plug it in at one of the USB ports around back.

  • It should be recognized immediately and when you're asked, click on Switch to view the connected Drive.

  • Then click on the drive icon to see the contents displayed in folders.

  • Click on a folder to open it then click on a file to view it or listen to it.

  • Your LG Smart TV supports a variety of popular file formats including DIVX HD video, JPEG photos, and mp3, and AAC audio. See your owner’s manual for a complete format listing.

  • Wow, as you can see LG Smart Share gives you a lot of choices.

  • So take some time to get to know this great feature. And if there's a device you want to link to your LG smart TV we bet there's a way to share.

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