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Ultra HD 4K TV Upscaling - UHD TV Video

Operation TV Audio Video Accessories, TVs Last Updated 07/11/2018
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Ultra HD 4K TV Upscaling


You may have heard some people lament the limited availability of native 4K content to watch on Ultra HD Televisions. Not a problem – all LG Ultra HD 4K TV’s contain either the LG Tru 4K Engine or the LG Tru 4K Engine Pro are best ever processors with one important job to upscale lower resolution videos signals to near 4K quality. So the same type of content you are enjoying today will look better than ever even on a large screen Ultra HD 4K TV. Even when viewed from up close this exclusive multi-step process analyzes and continuingly refines and optimizes the incoming video signal before it displayed it on the 4K screen.

This is one of the reasons you can sit closer to an LG Ultra HD TV and still not see individual pixels or distracting scanned lines in the picture.

What you will see is significant improvement in detail and overall clarity when you watch your high definition cable or satellite TV, Blu-ray movies, or next generation video games.

Your stored video files and even streaming video content will reap the real benefit of LG Tru 4K Engine as well any digital video source connected via HDMI, USB or over wired or wireless internet will be up scaled automatically and it’s always active so there’s nothing to turn on or forget to turn on.

So don’t worry, with an LG Ultra HD 4k TV you’ll be treated to amazing video quality from the first day you turn it on.

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