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Smart Share - webOS 2.0 Video

Operation TV Audio Video Accessories, TVs Last Updated 07/11/2018
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Smart Share


A new move, a new home, means you have so much to share. With LG Smart Share, you can discover new and exciting ways to enjoy your videos, movies, and music on your smart phone, tablet, PC, and more on you LG Smart TV with webOS.


  1. To get started, press the Home button on the Magic Remote.
  2. Then, navigate to the right of the launcher to find this Smart Share icon then click it. Or simply press the microphone button and say ‘Smart Share’.
  3. Here on the main Smart Share screen, you have access to your available photos, videos, and music across all your connected devices here along the left. Photos are first on the list and a selection has been pre-loaded for you so you’ll see those displayed immediately along these small great control buttons here on the right. ‘Search’ to find a particular image, ‘Play Selection’ to create a slideshow, and ‘Sort and Filter’ which gives you a list of connected devices plus the ability to sort by ‘newly added’ or ‘alphabetically by file name’. So that’s basically where the photos are and how you would like them organized.
  4. When viewing the photos, you can zoom in, rotate, and also add some interesting effects by clicking on these on-screen controls.
  5. Video starts by telling you what currently available video content you have. If you don’t have any, you’ll be invited to connect another device using the ‘Device Connector’ feature which we’ll cover in a different video. If you’re planning to use the DivX-protected video on demand, you’ll need to register your LG Smart TV, a quick process that you begin by clicking on this button near the top right. The TV will provide a registration code that you enter on your computer.
  6. Also along the top of the screen, you’ll see this thin bar with the music note on it. This gives you access anytime to your available music with the track title here on the left along the basic ‘Play’ and ‘Skip’ controls plus ‘Repeat’, ‘Shuffle’, and playlist controls here on the right. Of course, simply clicking on music here on the left will display your tunes, too, with title and cover art when available.
  7. Videos and Music offered the same ‘Search, ‘Play’, and ‘Sort’ controls. ‘Devices’ gives you complete listing with icons of all locations sharing your media. Click on anyone to open it. If there are folders inside, click on the one that you want, then click on the file to view it or to listen to it.
  8. Your LG Smart TV supports a variety of popular file formats including JPEG-photos, and MP3 and AAC-audio. See your owner’s manual for a complete format listing.


So as you can see, LG Smart Share goes beyond watching TV or even streaming. Giving you smart ways to instantly share all the new moments in your life.

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