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Adjusting Picture Settings - webOS 2.0 Video

Operation TV Audio Video Accessories, TVs Last Updated 07/12/2018
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webOS 2.0: Adjusting Picture Settings


For the most enjoyable viewing you want to adjust your LG Smart TV using your personal preferences as well as the demands of the different types of programming what you’re watching with unique considerations for your viewing environment here’s how.


  1. From the home screen. Click the settings icon at the top right or press the settings button on the magic remote and then this blue circle is for picture. Click on that and you’ll see that your TV arrives in the STANDARD viewing mode but click on this blue area to change it.
  2. Your next choice is the ECO FRIENDLY auto power save mode then application optimized modes for CINEMA, SPORTS, GAME and PHOTO followed by *ISFCCC* Expert 1 and Expert2. These last two were intended for use by professional TV calibrators but all this modes designed to provide you best viewing experience based on how you plan to use your TV.
  3. Click one more time and you’ll land on VIVID the brightest option with the most intense colors and then once more brings you back to standard.
  4. For wider range of customizing options, click on the gray advanced circle here on the bottom right.

    This pulls out the Picture Menu where you begin with the settings for Aspect Ratio, 3D and more.

  5. To find out more about your current picture mode simply click on the line where it’s noted and you’ll come to this page which shows specific level of backlight, contrast, sharpness, and more.
  6. Click on one of these and you’ll see this slider along the bottom of the screen. Click on the left or right arrow here to adjust the level for this setting. To switch to another setting simply click on up or down arrow on the magic remote.
  7. Now when you switch to these different picture modes in the future you’ll user noted on which ever mode you’ve customized.
  8. Back on the Picture Mode Setting page if you click on your current picture mode you’ll be showing the full list of available modes again and you can click here to change it on the fly.
  9. For still more adjustments click on advanced controls, here you’ll discover where to find dynamic contrast, dynamic color, super resolution, gamma and more.
  10. Under advanced controls on the picture mode settings page you’ll find picture options.

    To address noise reductions, black levels, local dimming, and TruMotion and lastly reset, returns all settings to their original factory defaults. With its wide range of custom viewing options your LG Smart TV is all about you.


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